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Are you confused about whether you should use FlashRouters or not? Are you confused about whether FlashRouters is worth your money or not?

Do you want to do thorough research before paying for FlashRouters? If yes, I can help you out.

Here in this article, I have mentioned everything you should know regarding FlashRouters that will help you make an informed decision whether to pay for it or not.

So, stay with us to the end. 


FlashRouters is a business headquartered in the United States of America that has made a rather different place for itself.

These people offer pre-flashed routers with DD-WRT software.

We'll look at both their VPN software and flashed routers in this evaluation.

Let us see what FlashRouters is. 

What is FlashRouters?

Were into BYOD

FlashRouters collaborate closely with a variety of VPN providers. As a result, they will almost certainly cooperate with your own VPN service.

As a result, FlashRouters offers out-of-the-box and plug-and-play solutions for VPN routers.

Additionally, they have created their DD-WRT software that functions as an add-on for DD-WRT.

This software makes it simple to switch in between a lot of popular VPN providers and also includes some useful VPN-related functions.

How Does FlashRouters Work?

How Does FlashRouters Work?

Consider enhanced and increased network stability, better bandwidth management, and wireless signal control, among other benefits.

There is no need to fantasize about a FlashRouter.

The standard firmware on the majority of routers is unstable, functionally restricted, and almost certainly contains serious flaws that may jeopardize your whole online experience.

Indeed, manufacturers often neglect to fix routers with severe security flaws, particularly if the equipment is just a few years old.

This leaves devices vulnerable, open to prospective prying eyes, and hackers on the lookout for network security flaws to exploit.

As a result, FlashRouters uses open-source DD-WRT firmware to convert a basic personal-class router into a robust, multi-purpose business-class router.

Also, with DD-WRT, the corporate potential of a router may be unlocked at the expense of the residential user.

1.Advanced Functions:

Manufacturers design routers with non-technical consumers in mind, minimizing their efficacy while remaining easy and simple to operate.

Open Source Firmware maximizes the potential of your router by providing access to a variety of functions not included in standard wireless router firmware, such as advanced wireless setups, VLAN support, QoS, bandwidth monitoring, and many more. 

2. Secure VPN Network in its entirety:

The DD-WRT open-source firmware, which comes pre-installed on all FlashRouters, enables VPN router integration, which is currently impossible on the majority of wireless routers.

That is, rather than connecting each device separately, a FlashRouter can secure your whole network through a single VPN connection.

 3.Increased Network Security & Stability:

No more lost signals or network disruptions. Users can expect their devices to remain safe and perform properly with the assistance of an active open source community.

Additionally, customers may extend the life of their networking equipment with additional functions.

 4. Configuration through Plug and Play:

FlashRouters updates the finest brand-name routers with improved DD-WRT, an Open Source Firmware, making them immediately ready for next-generation networking requirements.

What can FlashRouters Do For You?


A FlashRouter is an all-in-one solution in the era of data breaches, internet streaming, and, of course, a repressive government.

With a simple setup process, US-based assistance, and their new FlashRouters Privacy Application, reclaiming control of your Internet has never been simpler, which I appreciate. 

1. Securely subvert government censorship:

True Internet freedom is eroding as nations such as Russia and China tighten their grip on Internet control. A VPN-enabled FlashRouter enables a simple method to circumvent new rules and regulations limiting Internet access.

Not only does a FlashRouter provide a secure VPN connection across all of your devices, but it also encrypts and redirects your data to circumvent government restrictions.

2. Defend against data breaches and would-be hackers:

Regrettably, hacking and data breaches are getting more prevalent. By encrypting your critical data and information and sending it to a secure VPN server, you can protect your home network using a VPN.

By using a FlashRouter, you can effectively encrypt your whole home network and any connected devices using your preferred VPN provider.

 3.Easily circumvent content restrictions and geo-blocking:

 Particular services, such as Hulu or Netflix, only provide certain programs and films in certain regions.

By connecting to a VPN, you may change their IP address to another place, enabling you to watch anything you want, from anywhere you want.

The FlashRouters VPN Privacy Application enables you to seamlessly move between VPN servers at your leisure, giving you the appearance of being anywhere on the globe.

What Makes FlashRouter Different?

What Makes FlashRouter Different?

1. Plug and Play – Prefer to use your IPVanish FlashRouter immediately after purchase? Sign up for an IPVanish account or log in straight from the VPN router application from FlashRouters.

Simply visit privacyapp.flashrouters.com from any mobile device or desktop connected to your home network, and your FlashRouters will automatically configure itself to operate with IPVanish.

2. Advanced Support Networking Specialist Included – Is all of this new technology intimidating you?

There is no need to be concerned. Their hands-on Support Team can guide you through any network setup or VPN integration issues you may have. I liked their customer support as well. 

3. Dual Router Configuration – There is no need to disconnect your existing modem or router; just connect a FlashRouter alongside your ISP. Numerous other router configurations are also available.

4. Use Your VPN on Any Device – Access your preferred IPVanish server on wireless or wired devices that lack native VPN capabilities, including Smartphones, Roku, Apple TV, PlayStation, Smart TVs Xbox, as well as vulnerable Internet of Things appliances such as Ring security cameras and Nest thermostats. 

5. Advanced Firmware is Tested and Pre-Installed – Each FlashRouters is updated, modified, and tested on an individual basis by a networking specialist. Each device is pre-configured with a unique

6. Simple Router Management Application – With the VPN router app, available only from FlashRouters, you get complete control over your home network. With a single click, activate or disable IPVanish on every device connected to your network.

Once your FlashRouters is connected to the internet, you may adjust your VPN connection settings from any mobile device or desktop by visiting privacyapp.flashrouters.com.

FlashRouters Pricing | Is It Affordable Or NOT?

FlashRouters offers a selection of 15 to 20 various router models from three of the industry's top manufacturers: Asus, Netgear, and Linksys.

They offer a range of devices, from entry-level versions like the Netgear R6400 costing $ 150 to completely featured routers such as the ASUS RT-AC5300 costing $ 499.99. All these prices are comparable to, if not lower than, those of their rivals.

Additionally, you receive their excellent assistance for this fee, which we will discuss later in this article.

It is far more costly than purchasing the router separately and flashing it yourself, however, you risk encountering some issues.

FlashRouters ensures that all routers are correctly pre-flashed. In case not, they themselves replace the warranty of the manufacturer with a FlashRouters warranty i.e. 90-day, that can be extended up to 2 years with a little more extra cost).

A VPN client is available for free on all of the routers supported by FlashRouters.

How is Support at FlashRouters?

Router Service Plans

FlashRouters has a robust support infrastructure that includes phone, knowledge base, remote desktop, live chat, ticket, and email. None of them are available 24 hours a day, it's great to have such a wide variety.

Their ticket systems, email, and live chat were often responsive. These people helped me with most of our issues.

For complicated problems requiring access or allowance to your PC, you will almost certainly need remote assistance.

Additionally, we tried this and found it to be excellent. That is what I love about FlashRouters. 

Additionally, they offer setup instructions. This was for the applications on their own website. This section contains instructions for setup many of the VPN providers that are supported.

However, this is not the case with ExpressVPN, which has the complex setup needs of the bunch.

When I initially looked at the application, I had some problems but was very pleased with a response from their support staff. These people have worked diligently to detect issues and have been prompt in pushing out firmware upgrades when a problem was verified.

What are all the Options Available at FlashRouters?

What are all the Options Available at FlashRouters?

The Options page enables you to configure device and host policy routing. This is often referred to as split-tunneling in other parts of the world.

You may configure the way each device connected to the router interacts with the VPN connection using policy routing. Three alternatives are available:

• VPN-bypass: communication to and from the device is routed directly via the device, bypassing the VPN tunnel.

• Killswitch: same to default, except that the global kill switch is activated if it is not enabled by default.

• By default, if the VPN is activated, all traffic from and to the device is routed via the VPN tunnel. If the device's kill switch is enabled by default, it will also utilize it.

To enable VPN bypass, you must make a configuration modification in the standard DD-WRT interface and then reboot the router.

This is a simple procedure that only has to be performed once. When we tried it, it performed as promised.

For hosts, policy routing enables you to define how certain IP ranges, IP addresses, and domain names are handled. Connections to specific hosts may be compelled to always go via the VPN (regardless of whether the VPN is active or not), or they can be excluded from the VPN entirely.

This is very cool, but there is a significant caveat. It is not compatible with websites or services that resolve to numerous domains, such as BBC iPlayer, Amazon, and Netflix, and a slew of other famous streaming services.

Kill switch at FlashRouters

The software has a kill switch that disables the router's internet access in case the VPN connection somehow fails.

Kill switch is a critical security feature that will help prevent your actual IP address from being revealed in this situation.

In reality, it also eliminates DNS leaks, which is unsurprising given that the “kill switch” utilizes the router's firewall walls to guarantee that no internet connection outside the interface of the VPN is available.

As such, it functions just as effectively as a kill switch to prevent IP leaks.

This is an important feature and I love this one. 

DNS Leaks at FlashRouters

I used ipleak.net to test for WebRTC and IPv4 DNS leakage. I was unable to conduct IPv6 leak tests due to the ISP's lack of support for IPv6 connections.

No WebRTC or DNS leaks were detected on Android and Windows devices connected with the router. 

I ran tests in both Chrome and Firefox Stealth/Private mode to ensure that the cache problem did not contaminate the results. I emphasize that these were standard DNS breaches, not WebRTC-based browser leaks.

Since the security features are good, I highly recommend it. 

 FlashRouters Application

The application's main screen enables you to choose your VPN provider from an entire list of providers supported.

Usually, all that is required is for you to enter your login and password, choose a server, and then connect.

One problem I found is that names of the server location are determined by the names provided to OpenVPN configuration or .ovpn files by providers. As shown, these names may be very obscure in certain instances and need a working knowledge of VPN terms to interpret!

Fortunately, the software enables you to filter VPN servers according to their proximity to you in a certain region. Alternatively, you may let the application choose a server for you depending on which a server is least congested in a certain country.

According to FlashRouters, testing has shown that selecting the server with the least load nearly always gives you the greatest performance.

Additionally, the application's main screen enables you to configure the VPN to join automatically whenever the router boots up and to activate the global kill switch.

While the majority of VPNs simply need a password and username to join, ExpressVPN requires you to additionally put in your private key and user certificate. As a result, configuration specifics and functionalities vary slightly significantly.

A small gripe is that when you switch VPN providers, your credentials for login are never remembered for the next time you choose that service.

This problem is more of an annoyance for reviewers like me than it is for the majority of regular VPN users.

What Makes FlashRouters Different?

What Makes FlashRouters Different?

FlashRouters mission is to empower you to manage your network with the finest tools available while preventing unwanted network intrusion.

My testing and research team is always looking for the finest wireless routers and optimizing their performance using the most suitable alternative firmware.

In other words, I take care of the legwork so you may regain control of your privacy. With a FlashRouters, you may anticipate the following:

1. Take Control of Your Privacy:

Certain gadgets, such as streaming players, gaming consoles, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, lack native VPN client compatibility.

These gadgets, too, need security, and the FR Privacy Application now enables any devices that connect to your home network to connect through your VPN subscription.

2. Keep Your Setup Simple:

They make privacy and open source technology as easy as possible for our clients by offering setup instructions, a comprehensive online help center, and the FlashRouters privacy application, the simplest method to connect to the top VPN services directly from your router.

3. Get Real Support:

Their professional staff is located in the United States and specializes in VPN and open source router configurations. Additionally, they offer professional open-source router assistance to ensure that your secured small or home business wireless network operates precisely as you want.

FlashRouters Pros and Cons


 • Excellent routers 

• Outstanding support 

 • Host-based policy routing

 • Device policy routing (split tunneling)

 • A broad selection of VPN services is supported.

 • App is free for all FlashRouters routers that are supported

 • This is the simplest method for configuring a VPN on your router!


• Due to the kill switch's instability, I had to deactivate it. This also meant that I lost protection against DNS leaks.

• Users must be advised to use the global kill switch to prevent DNS leaks.


By far the simplest method to utilize a VPN on a router is via the FlashRouters DD-WRT software. Period. And, except for the global kill switch, it works perfectly.

These flashed routers are excellent overall. In case you need a Tomato or DD-WRT router but are scared to build one yourself, here is the solution for you!

Visit FlashRouters to learn more regarding the fascinating universe of VPN routers that are pre-flashed. Or, for some VPN router that must be well-known for its value, choose its best-seller, the Linksys WRT3200ACM.

 I sincerely hope this review helps you understand whether FlashRouters is right for you or no. 

 FlashRouters Review FAQs

 Is it possible to buy a router without a service package and then subscribe?

Yes, at any moment you may buy a service package. However, they cannot guarantee the price at that later date, nor can they apply any previously given discounts or special features.

 What is covered by their warranty?

Their free one-year hardware warranty does not cover any further technical assistance. If your router's hardware fails within 365 days of the day you got it, they will happily replace it with a fully tested replacement. Please see their warranty and return policy section for more details.

 Will I need a service plan to update the firmware?

Any FlashRouter customer is entitled to a free firmware update!
You may visit their help center and choose your particular router model to perform a firmware update based on the suggestions.
If you'd want their Support Team to assist you with this update, you can always join up for our Gold Service Plan and book a 1-on-1 Teamviewer session with one of their experienced engineers.

Is telephone support available?

At the moment, their service options do not include phone support. They had previously experimented with phone assistance for networking problems but discovered that it resulted in their assisting fewer clients less effectively. However, clients who buy a Gold Service Plan may arrange 1-on-1 remote support sessions with our engineers through Teamviewer, during which they will offer a hands-on, personal solution to any issues they may be experiencing.

 Is a VPN subscription included in the service plan?

A VPN subscription is not included with a FlashRouter or Service package. If you want to use a VPN, you must sign up individually, directly with a provider.

 Is this a one-time purchase or does it automatically renew?

 All FR service plans renew automatically on a quarterly or yearly basis, depending on the period bought originally. One week before the renewal date, an e-mail reminder will be issued. You may cancel the plan at any time in your FlashRouter account panel to avoid further renewals.

Is there any warranty for the accessories?

All Accessories are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, which is detailed on the individual product pages.
FlashRouters accepts returns for refund or replacement of accessories for 30 days from the day you received your purchase. After 30 days, all warranty replacements must be made via the manufacturer.
To get a complete refund, accessories must be returned in their original packaging and with no cosmetic damage. If a package is missing or an item is damaged, they reserve the right to charge a restocking fee.

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