HideMyAss Review

HideMyAss Review

A Virtual Private Network is something that the general Internet user is getting used to. As the Internet grows and evolves, it becomes impossible for the simple Antivirus to protect you against newest threats. In fact, it is not just about the security that we’re concerned about here, a VPN is your key to true Internet freedom and privacy.

If certain Internet content is blocked by your ISP (mostly due to government policies), you can rely on a good VPN for access to that content without much hassle. A VPN will also provide you with a more private connection when you are accessing the web through a public network.

How does a VPN Work?

In a nutshell, a VPN saves your ass by acting like a mediator between you and the real internet. You pay your Internet Service Provider to connect to the Internet, they know when and what you’re doing on the Internet.

When you’re using a VPN, you are connected to the Internet through an encrypted connection that makes sure that no eavesdropping is possible by any hacker or even your ISP (or government) on what you’re doing. The ISP thinks you’re just connected the server of the VPN, meanwhile you enjoy a safe, secure and private internet experience.

Choosing the right VPN

Unlike the early days of the Internet, VPN services aren’t just something big corporates would make use of, it’s the need of the hour for almost everyone now. Therefore, choosing the right VPN might not be as straight forward as you might think. There are countless companies out there, competing for the attention of the growing market, and they are willing to do anything for that matter. There are certain things that you need to be aware as a consumer while opting for a VPN.

Truth about FREE VPNs

The first thing that the average Internet user will search for being a free solution for his Internet privacy, security and accessibility needs. That is quite natural, free is obviously more exciting than paying. However, the truth is, a Free VPN will have tonnes of users to handle and thus it’ll be painfully slow for sure. Also, these Free VPNs won’t supply you with the additional security features and can even be logging your use.

Introducing,the HideMyAss! Pro VPN

HideMyAss VPN service Logo

HideMyAss! is a cleverly named VPN service that serves thousands of users across the globe and has an enormous network of 931 VPN servers in 352 locations and 221 countries (That’s Huge!). They are based in the UK and are one of the largest providers of VPN service on planet earth. HMA has been in the market for as long as I can remember, they’ve gained quite some authority and a long list of loyal customers over the years. So, let’s find out does HMA has to offer us and why it might be the best VPN service provider to choose.

HMA! Pro VPN Subscription Plans

You have three options to choose from, there is Christmas offer going on at the time of writing this article so the pricing is shown in the picture as it appears on the site, however, the real pricing might be different.

The screenshot above depicts the discounted rates for the service, to know the real prices for the 1, 12 and 6 months plans a.k.a KICK-ASS, SMART-ASS and HALF-ASS respectively I recommend that you check out their website.
These plans are for the general user, if you’re a business. You might want to know about their For-business plans. HMA! Requires you to contact them directly regarding your business VPN requirements, this is quite cool as you can get great offers that are not always available for the general user.

How to Start UsingHideMyAss! Pro VPN Service

A VPN is basically a service, so you’re just paying for getting to use their network to access the web like you’re using a safe private network even when you’re on a public network. So, there are 3 steps to start using the HMA! VPN service.

1. Download the VPN Software:

Once you subscribe to the HMA! VPN, you will need to download their VPN software for your device type.

hide my ass windows software vpn client

2. Connect to a VPN Server:

Login to your account and select your location of choice.

3. Surf the Web like a Smartass:

Now, you’ll be surfing the web as if you were sitting in the location you selected in step 2.

More Features inside the HMA! Pro VPN Client

Now that I’ve taken you through the basics, let’s get to know more in-depth about how HMA! Works and what all it can offer.

#1. Connecting to the HMA! Pro VPN

Protocol Selection

HideMyAss! provides its users with PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN-TCP and OpenVPN-UDP protocols. Connecting to a VPN server through anOpenVPN protocol can be more secure than others, but a PPTP based connection is generally faster. You got to choose whatever that suits your requirements.

Selecting a Server

Choose a VPN server based on your requirements, if you’re trying to access to content blocked outside of a country, choose a server that resides in that country and get instant access. If you’re looking for a faster connection, select a server that is closer to your Geo location.

Once you’ve chosen the Protocol and the Server Location, click on “Connect to VPN” button located on top-right corner of the window.

#2. Country Selection in HMA! VPN Client

As I’ve already mentioned, HMA! VPN is spread across 221 countries. This is a quick and ever expanding network that will continually add value to your subscription.

The Country selection option is available just below the Dashboard option in the left column.

#3. IP address setting

Ever seen how the hacker appears to be jumping from one location to another in those Hollywood movies? Well, this is how it is done.

Schedule IP Address Change

Use this feature to change the IP address that you are using every given unit of time. It’s your choice what time to assign for every IP change.

Your IP will be changed from one of those 125,000+ IPs that HMA! has. This will also help you become more untraceable.

IP address check website

Use this option to check, verify the new IP address.

#4. Secure IP Bind Feature

This is an interesting feature for users that don’t want to compromise their privacy under any circumstances. Just in case you get disconnected from the VPN, but you had certain application using the Internet. Your real IP address might get compromised in that case. The Secure IP Bind feature lets you only allow certain applications to only work through the secure encrypted network of HMA! VPN.

#5. Speed Guide

The Speed guide is where you can see the fastest servers for you according to your geo-location. You can test any server from the long list, but I recommend that you only start from the servers that are closer to your location and are of interest to your needs.

There are 3 types of tests for speed you can run for every server. These are, Ping Test, Express Test and Full Test which offer you different levels of accuracy directly proportional to time consumed respectively.

#6. Proxy Settings

You can use the Proxy settings tab if you’re connecting to the Internet through a proxy. This is common in schools and offices, otherwise, if you’re directly connected to the Internet, leave the settings as default.

#7. Billing and Packages

You’ll get the latest pricing and your current subscription details.

HideMyAss! Pro Customer Support

You have their regularly updated Blog for all possible information you need for using their services. Otherwise, HMA! can be reached through E-mail and LiveChat on their site as well. They also have a highly detailed Support Page which has answers to most common questions.

They also have an active community of their regular users, you can easily get support from here.

Pros and Cons of HMA! Pro VPN


  1. Huge Network of 930+ servers in Over 220 countries.
  2. Affordable at plans starting from $4.99/Month
  3. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  4. Multiple Protocols to connect from (L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPNetc.)
  5. Supported on a Wide Range of Devices


  1. Mixed Reviews – Polarized ratings. Many Bad Review for Bad Support!
  2. Where’s the free trial?

So, this was our review of the most popular VPN service on the internet right now, let’s complete this review with some final words.

Final Verdict

Whether you’re being censored from visiting websites by your government or you are looking for a safer way to connect to the internet on a potentially vulnerable public network. A HMA! Pro VPN subscription can be amazingly effective for your needs. The only major downside we could find was the lazy support that was repeated many times across the web by a large number of users.

Otherwise, HideMyAss Pro was the winner on all the frontiers. It is highly recommended, go for the one-month plan if you’re still in doubt.
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