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In 2003, the ibVPN team began its first proxy services. At the start of 2010 they launched ibVPN. Since then the team has been very busy offering mobile apps and custom VPN client software. It is based in Romania and has a wide range of VPN and smartDNS plans to select from.

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Main Features of ibVPN

It offers secure and private browsing with no traffic limitation, activity tracking and switches in between servers. It is also compatible with DD-WRT supported routers. One unique feature of this service is its newest ibDNS that permits its users to access renowned media streaming services such as HULU minus any loss of speed.

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It makes use of VPN connections to pass the geo-restriction but then allows you to stream the media via your own internet connection. When using ibDNS your actual internet protocol will be displayed not your VPN connection.

Plans and Pricing

This service has a few VPN plans. They offer various account types according to your needs. The best way to decide which is suitable for you is to look at all their packages. Below are the prices based on the state you are trying to access it from and the type of VPN that you want.

  1. Total VPN prices range from $7.95 per month to $69.95 in a year which a couple of countries have access to.
  2. Ultimate VPN costs $10.95 a month accumulating to $82.95 per year
  3. Premium packages are:

EU VPN is priced at $4.95 in a month to $36.95 per annum and you get access to servers in Netherlands, France, Germany and others.

US and Canada VPN costs just $4.95 a month amounting to $36.95 in a year which you get total access to Canadian and American VPN

Torrent VPN goes for a minimum cost of $4.95 per month or $36.95 per year which you get access to torrents from Netherlands and Luxembourg.

They also offer a package in which if you would like a number of people to get access to ibVPN at almost the same time. It is known as Multi VPN’s formulas:

  • Family VPN which is priced at $19.95 in a month and $169.95 for a year
  • Small business VPN which has various prices according to number of connections
  • For 5 connections you pay $27.95 per month and $249.95 in a year
  • $49.95 in a month you get 10 connections and amounts to $489.95 per year
  • For 20 connections the amount payable for a month is $99.95 and in a year is %999.95


This VPN service allows you to connect through Open VPN, STTP, L2TP and PPTP from any of the available packages. Changing protocol is quite simple from within the desktop client.

It keeps no logs of the user’s activity though some connection logs are kept for ten days, which are; time, date, location of VPN connection, duration of the connection and the bandwidth used during connection.

Payment methods

The methods accepted are far-reaching and secure therefore they do not accept credit or debit cards. The accepted include AliPay, Web Money, PayPal, Yandex, Pay Safe Card and Liberty service. You can also set up regular payments via 2Checkout for hassle-free continued VPN usage.

Customer service

They have a cataloging installation instruction for each device (OS and protocol), FAQ page and enough information about protocols and encryption. They offer a 15 day money back guarantee and great satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the product you can get full refund in 15 days via their comprehensible support ticket system.