How to Download IPVanish Free Trial in 2020 – Get your free 30-day VPN trial here

IPVanish is one of the most trusted names when it comes to privacy oriented VPN services. They offer different kinds of monthly and annual packages about which I will tell you in detail at the end.

A VPN service allows you to hide your identity and surf the Internet in an anonymous fashion. This allows you to be completely independent and keep your system secure from hackers and other fraudulent entities that may harm it.

The importance of VPN services is increasing nowadays with the increased dilution of cyber-privacy. People nowadays are concerned about protecting their online identities and thus VPN services like IPVanish are helping them in achieving the same.

Is a VPN Service completely safe?

The method, which these VPN services usually employ, involves making your IP address with one of their servers. They have like numerous servers installed at various locations around the globe.

So suppose it you were using the services of IPVanish and somebody wanted to track you down, then he would do it by analyzing your IP address. What he would get would be an ip address from Sweden or some other place for example.

Is the IPVanish Free Trial Really Free?

Well, yes! There is not much debatable argument on that. You do have to enter your payment information while the free trial sign-up but you will not be charged unless you go for it.

However, the 7 day money back guarantee from IPVanish is something you must consider

Let’s look into the details:

Once you sign-up the trial begins. If you need to refund your money and get it back within the 7 days of free trial then follow these steps:

  1. Send an email to [email protected] requesting your account to be cancelled and demand a refund.
  2. The account team will verify your account information
  3. When everything check’s out fine, you will get your refund.

The trial allows you to use all the features of IPVanish, which help you in keeping yourself anonymous on the Internet.

Here are some of the trademark features of IPVanish


  • Superfast Connections

They really do provide connections that are fast, secure and stable. I have tried it and there is not time lag in video buffering plus the surfing speed is also high.

  • They guarantee 100% Security

You don’t have to worry about cyber threats any more. You can browse freely even at public Wi-Fi Hotspots and unsecure locations.

IPVanish currently offers secure connections to more than 40000 IPs on 400 servers in more than 60 countries. This means that you can access the web from almost any place in the world and that to anonymously.

Pricing and Other Specifications


In addition to the 7-day free trial described above, IPVanish is offering 25% discount on all its plans.

This means that the total annual discounts can go up to 60%. That is a pretty sweet deal!

IPVanish accepts all kinds of payments ranging from credit cards to even bitcoin. Therefore, they are easily accessible to people across different countries. Whether you are a resident of US or India or South Africa, you can easily use IPVanish.

I personally think one should go for this offer, as there is absolutely no risk. This is because 7-days according to me are enough to make a decision about your VPN service. If it is not going good for you can always cancel it and have a full refund.

IPVanish hosts VPN servers in 63 countries and uses OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP connections. There software is downloadable for use on both Windows and MAC.

You can also get the setup guides for Linux, iPhone, iPad and Android devices easily and use IPVanish on all your smart devices. You can have up to two simultaneous connections per account.

I think you should definitely give IPVanish a try. Not only does it come with power packed features, it also goes very light on the pocket. You can get a very cheap annual plan! And the element of no risk with the 7-day free trial is just another cherry on the top!

Anonymous browsing is very important while you are surfing on the Internet and sharing personal information at public hotspots and local internet zones. Therefore, a good VPN service like IPVanish is a worthwhile choice.

Happy anonymous browsing!

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