IPVanish Review 2020 – An Affordable Option for Online Protection

The Internet is growing like crazy, long gone are the times when it was treated like a cheap alternative to mainstream media. The internet is huge now, and so are the risk attached to it. In the current scenario, you can get hacked, if you are connected to the Internet. No matter if you’re at your home or in the office, your privacy and other important information are at risk all the time.

The risk increases when it becomes obvious for you to be making big transactions or exchanging sensitive information over the network i.e. when you are a business. Even if you are a small time user, say, a writer. You too have high risk of being hacked on the Internet, especially when you’re on a public network. It’s not just the security that is hindered, but, things like censorship and content blocking are becoming a major issue for Internet freedom.

IPVanish Review

So, how do you solve it? The best way is to connect to a VPN. A Virtual Private Network is a network of servers strategically positioned across the globe to provide its user with anonymity and security on the jungle of the Internet.

It accomplishes that by acting as a middle man between your ISP and the whole of the Internet. So, while your ISP thinks you’re connected to the VPN server, you’re actually enjoying the Internet on full throttle via an encrypted connection.

Introducing, IPVanish VPN

To access a VPN, you need to subscribe to their service, except for when you’re using the low quality and slow FREE-VPNs. A premium VPN offers you with unmatched service, high security while not compromising the speed. And the help and support you get is obviously something worth paying for.

IPVanish is one such premium VPN service with hundreds of high speed servers spread across the globe. They boast to being the most secure VPN on the entire web. They don’t keep user activity logs and have quite some media traction.
Let’s get to know more about this growing company with our in-depth review of the IPVanish VPN.

What Does IPVanish VPN has to Offer

Let’s find out about some features of IPVanish feature.

#1. Security and Privacy Features of IPVanish

IPVanish offers military grade encryption, at least that’s what they say on their website. Unlike many other premium VPN services, they are one of those few that actually support true-freedom with a no-log policy.

No-log VPN Service

Well, government security agencies can still ask the VPN service itself for your information. And certain information when traced right can lead to your identification. Anyone who’s ever experienced how a full-fledged IT company works will know that no-logging is impossible. There will always be traces, it’s just that IPVanish makes the effort of securing its users by not keeping logs.

Shared IP addresses make sure it becomes almost impossible for someone to ever identify you.

The Following Protocols are supported by IPVanish VPN

PPTP– 128 bit: Lower security but better speed, ideal for video streaming purposes.

L2TP– 256 bit: This fixes the issues on PPTP and therefore is actually slower than PPTP. However, this is what you’ll use in case you’re not able to use the OpenVPN protocol.

OpenVPN– 256 bit: It’s otherwise a bit complex but with IPVanish software you can enjoy a secure and fast VPN connection with just a click. This is the most popular protocol among VPN users.

#2. Unlimited Usage

There is virtually no limit to how much resources you can use from their service. So, stream as much video and download as much as you want.

#3. Supports all Major Platforms

You can run the IPVanish client on all major platform like Mac, Android, iOS, Windows etc. This gives you the independence to be secure and anonymous even when you are on the go. You just need to have a subscription to the IPVanish VPN and the software will allow you to access the large number of servers and all the features that you get with it on almost any device of your choice.

#4. Multiple Simultaneous Connections

With IPVanish, you can connect up to two devices to the VPN at once. This gives the user the independence of having secure access to the Internet with multiple devices. You can have your desktop or laptop computer connected to the VPN and meanwhile have equally private and secure connection on a mobile device as well. This feature is not something that all the VPN providers are offering, so, IPVanish takes the edge here.

IPVanish VPN Client

IPVanish offers a cool easy-to-use software that allows the user to connect to the VPN. The software does not restrict you to one particular operating system or device, there is a software for your platform.
Let’s find out how the IPVanish software for Windows OS works.


The dashboard gives you all the essential stuff you need to start a quick connection with the VPN. You can change the VPN, choose your desired server and even have your location displayed on a Map. As you can see in the screenshot below, you can find out various information like your current IP and connection time from the dialogue box on the map.



Under the Dashboard tab you got Diagnostics section which records if there occurs any issue with the network. This data will help you get your issues resolved faster with the IPVanish support team.

Server Selection

This is where you select where you appear to be for the world of Internet. You can choose from the long list of over 400+ servers placed strategically across the globe for maximum anonymity.

I’d recommend that you choose a server that is closer to you as that makes for a faster Internet connection due to lower latency. And if you’re trying to access content only allowed for a particular country (Netflix, Pandora, even YouTube sometimes), select a server located in that particular country.

IP Settings


The IP Settings allow you to change your IP address from the huge pool of over 40,000 IP addresses. Well, multiple users hide behind the same IP, so, who’s going to ever find out who you really are. That is really cool. I’d recommend that you let the IP change often or on every connection, as this allows for maximum security when you’re connected to the Internet. This is something that power users really appreciate.

Account & Support Tabs

You can access your account details, know your plan details etc.
The support tab gives you access to the support system of IPVanish that they have in place for their users. Know more about their support ahead.

Plans & Pricing

You have three options to choose from, 1, 3 or 12 months. The pricing is quite decent and similar to other competing VPNs.


1 Month plan: $10

12 Months plan: $6.49/month

3 Months plan: $8.99/month

Customer Support

Surprisingly, they don’t have a 24/7 live support. However, they do have a nice support ticket system. The knowledge base on the website is quite helpful and lays out everything you might come across as a user. I couldn’t find many cases of bad customer support, they have a highly knowledgeable staff that is eager to solve your problems.

Pros & Cons


  1. Competitive pricing
  2. Easy to use software
  3. Supported on all major platforms
  4. 400+ servers, 40k+ IPs in 60 countries
  5. Multiple connections (two)
  6. No-log VPN


  1. Slow support
  2. Not many cons…

Okay, so now that we’ve talked about IPVanish in detail and even found out how their software works. Let’s end this review with an opinion, whether to try or not.

Final Verdict

IPVanish offers cutting edge security for the general user, their pricing is quite decent for the quality that they deliver. Their network of servers is expanding steadily, and users will therefore be getting higher and higher value for their money, given that IPVanish does not decide to hike their prices.

In my opinion, if you’re getting stuff like military grade encryption, dual connection, unlimited bandwidth and no-log promise for the same price like its competition, then it’s a fair deal.

The money back guarantee makes it a no-brainer if you’re looking for trying out a VPN. Try it, then decide. It has got to be worth it.

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