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When we talk of digital security, the first thing that crops in our minds is antivirus as it helps in protecting our data on the system. But, what about the data you send over the internet, doesn’t it need protection? This is where virtual private network come into play. With VPN service providers, you make sure that the information you are sending over the internet is sent safely. VPNs are the best way to keep your information safe while you browse the internet.

Often the problem of homesickness is faced by expatriates. One of the best ways to overcome loneliness is by watching popular or your favorite shows. Unfortunately, to watch the homeland shows in some other countries is not that simple. But, with the use of a good VPN service, it is possible to watch your favorite shows as it bypasses the restrictions on geographic areas.

To mention about a good VPN service provider, NordVPN has been acclaimed by many users as it offers a vast range of services at an affordable price. Let’s discuss its features to find out how effective is this service?

A brief background of NordVPN

NordVPN came into existence in the year 2012 and is a well-known Panama-based VPN service. Tefincom Co S.A owns and manages this service and is a well-known leader in web hosting and server technologies.

Location of the servers of NordVPN

The servers of any VPN play an integral role in the establishment of a VPN service. Like it is said that if you need to create an impression on any user, then you can do so by stating your server counts.

nordvpn servers

And NordVPN has impressed us with its server count!

It has over 5233+ servers that are spread over in 59 different countries. These countries comprise of France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Poland, Spain, Romania, Sweden, Russia, Switzerland, Singapore, United States and the United Kingdom. They serve everywhere except Antarctica, thinking Penguins don’t need the internet as they hibernate for six months!

One amazing thing about NordVPN is that proper guidance is available to the users to help them connect with their desired servers. For instance, if you are looking for DDoS Protection against the hackers, then it is recommended to connect to their Canadian Server.

One advantage of these servers is that they are fully optimized and tested for torrenting and provide incredible speeds.

In a simple scroll of the mouse, you can identify the servers. Also, if a particular server allows P2P, a symbol shall appear on it. Server capacity and the latency of each server are mentioned along. This information is very handy as one can avoid those servers where the traffic is more at the current moment.

You are not allowed to download a torrent file from a server that doesn’t allow P2P but in case you do so, you will be re-routed to any dedicated server based in Canada.


Let me begin by discussing the main feature that any VPN service must have i.e. Kill Switch. This feature typically aids in downloading anything from torrent by minimizing the risks. With this feature, your internet connection gets interrupted in case your VPN stops working in the middle of a download.

This ensures your true IP address is not made available for the period VPN service goes offline. But, this VPN has given more power to this Kill Switch. The users can select the application which they wish to stop when the VPN connected gets interrupted due to any reason.

NordVPN Browser Extensions:

 Do you want to browser Extension? Don't worry this great vpn software provider offers highly secure browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozila Firefox;


who wants to see annoying ads? sometimes this types of websites collect our personal data. You will get NordvPN CyberSec feature 

Restricted countries:

Sometimes government internet access,is it possible to use access internet without any limitation? YES! you can use nordvpn obfuscated servers,if you are live in china or middle east don't worry try nordvpn software

NordVPN SmartPlay:

you can watch your favorite program on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon 

Device Compatibility

NordVPN works well with most of the operating systems like Windows, Andriod, Mac, iOS and Linux too. You can also use VPN with iPhone, router, Android, iPad and Windows mobiles. Very soon they will be launching their mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android. So, look forward to the app.

Multiple Connections

This feature specifies the number of connections that are connected simultaneously to one account.
It is always pleasurable to have the facility to connect more than one device without having the need to sign up for any additional plan.

To everybody’s surprise, NordVPN permits a total of 6 connections to be connected simultaneously to one account – without charging anything extra. It cannot get better than this for sure!

Money Back Guarantee

Do I need to explain you this feature? Marketing of a product or service can mislead the consumers, and one can eventually take a service that sucks.

To save you from all this, NordVPN offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Thus, if you are not impressed with their services, you can always get your money back. Thus, there is nothing to lose!

Data Logging

Data logging is the maintenance of the records of the internet activity of the users. As the sole purpose of a VPN service is to protect your privacy. Thus, this is the last thing any VPN provider must do.
NordVPN has a very pleasing data logging policy.

They are strictly against data logging, and they make the connection anonymous so that even you cannot trace it at your end.

Thus, they truly maintain your connection as PRIVATE!


The data capacity of any server is known as the Bandwidth. This bandwidth majorly determines the quality of your internet connection.

Most of the VPN providers don’t put a cap on the bandwidth of their users so that they can offer unlimited bandwidth for all their connections.

Yes, and this is what NordVPN offers you, unlimited bandwidth on all your six connections without any caps. Amazing!

How Secure Is It?

Security is the key to select any VPN service.

VPN offers a secure connection so that no hacker and not even government can hack into your connection and your data is kept completely private.

The two basic encryption standards for VPNs are 128 and 256 bit. With latter being the strongest and should be provided by the VPN provider you select.

Also, one of the features offered by the VPN provider should be to permit the users to adjust the security and encryption protocols to optimize their internet connection for speed against the security.

Without any doubt, an encrypted connection is the most secure, but it also slows down your connection. Thus it is always nice to adjust it according to your convenience.
One of the most secure VPN is NordVPN. They only offer 256-bit encryption, but their Austrian Server provides a double encrypted connection.

You also get to optimize your connection for TCP ( regarding security) or UDP ( regarding speed) with NordVPN.
Thus, they offer a truly customizable and secure protection which is a must for all.

What’s the Set Up Process Like?

As not everyone has hands-on knowledge of VPN and might not have used it ever before in their life, so it is significant that the setup process is simple and easy.

Some of the VPNs require you to spend hours to set them. Messing up with zipped files, configuring connections manually -oh god! Is there a solution to save you from all this mess?

Yes, NordVPN is the solution!

You set this: you are only required to visit their website, download the software package which is compatible with the operating system you are using. Simply, run the wizard for installation and you are ready to go!
It cannot get simpler than this, surely!

Is it Easy to Use?

Once, the VPN is installed, it should be easy to connect! It is not a sign of a good VPN provider if you are required to dive back into the network settings now and then.
But thankfully, NordVPN’s interface is very user-friendly.Setting up of the kill switch is like a cake walk! Also, switching between UDP and TCP is like a breeze as there is a button provided on the dashboard to handle this.
NordVPN’s software is a pleasure to work one. Firstly, it’s simple and nice and secondly, the settings are accessible clearly.

The best part of the software is the list of servers provided that includes the current bandwidth usage meter indicated for a particular location. This helps you to select the server that has the freest bandwidth so that you can make the quickest connection possible.

Nord VPN Free Trial

There is a facility of 3-day free trial offers to all the users of Nord VPN. For availing this, simply sent an email to [email protected] to request for three-day free trial. You receive an email with your login details for your very own NordVPN account.

Free Proxies List

nordvpn proxy

A proxy list consisting for more than 3350 free proxies is made available by NordVPN to its users. This list is provided on their website, and you can select the free proxy based on your specified speed, country, port and protocol speed.

Logging In

It is incredibly easy to log in with NordVPN, and you are required to do so only once. While setting up the software, enter your credentials and select the option of “remember me”, and you won’t ever have to worry about it ever again.

Changing Servers

Changing servers is also incredibly simple and is made more useful as there is a list displayed next to each server showing their live usage meters. You only have to disconnect from your present server and pick another one with less traffic to enjoy a faster connection.

Customer Support

NordVPN offers 24*7 support, and also you can get assistance from the live chat support on their website. They also have e-mail support. Also, their FAQ section has compiled up the answers to the most commonly asked questions. But in case, you don’t get a reply to your query, their friendly and highly knowledgeable staff will surely be able to please you.

Payment Methods

You can pay in the following four options provided:

  • Bitcoin
  • PaySera/WebMoney
  • Credit Card (via Paypal)
  • PayPal

They are the only VPN provider that accepts Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency of the world. Thus keep your purchase a secret by paying with Bitcoin.

Nord VPN Plans And Pricing

To make the VPN experience of the users enjoyable, NordVPN has kept its features as simple as they could. Thus, they offer more than one package with four different pricing plans so that you can enjoy the services according to your needs and limits.

Simple – 1 month

The Simple Plan is the basic 1-month plan with the monthly subscription for $11.95.

Popular – 12 months

The Popular Plan is the 12-month plan. Nord VPN provides its 12-month subscription for $5.75 per month and $69.00 billed annually. With this, you can avail a discount of 77%.

Best Offer – 24 months

The Best Offer Plan is the 24-month plan. Nord VPN provides its 24-month subscription for $4.00 per month. If you compare the 24-month package to the 1month package, you will see that you save by as much as 50% by going for the Best Offer plan. As for this, you pay $96.00 billed every two years.

So, if you wish to save more, make an intelligent choice!

Things they can work on?

  • In South and Central America, the number of P2P optimized servers could be increased.
  • Also, P2P dedicated servers should be provided in Africa, Asia, and Oceania.


We are overall overwhelmed with the efficiency and effectiveness of the services of NordVPN.
Undoubtedly, NordVPN is the most highly recommended provider for VPN services with the set of services it offers at the price asked for.

NordVPN surely makes a smart choice with the awesome addition of Kill Switch, Tor-Over-VPN, video streaming and double encryption.

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