Overplay VPN Free Trial – Try 2 Days 100% FREE

Overplay is a popular provider of VPN services. It helps you to browse the Internet securely and anonymously by keeping your IP address hidden and safe from potential threats.

Overplay Free Trial Packages

Currently they offer a 2-day trial through their money back guarantee. This means that you have to buy one of their packages and in the event that you don’t like what they offer, you can get a complete refund.

All you have to do is cancel your account within the said time-frame. The Overplay customer support team makes sure that the amount is transferred into your account.

With Overplay you get unrestricted access to the World Wide Web. They have two packages. You have the SmartDNS package and the SmartDNS + VPN package which is available for different prices on monthly and annual plans.

Other Additional Offers

Apart from the money back guarantee in the free trial, there is also a special discount going on if you choose any other package other than monthly. You get access to servers spread across 20 countries and all this comes at just $4.16 per month. There is no coupon code required. You can get the discount directly at the signing up page.

Signing up is quite easy. You can a brief overview of the features and offerings across the website and once you are good to go, you can visit the sign up page. You save as much as 15% if you go for the annual package option in any of the choices.

Overplay Pricing

  •  Unlimited SmartDNS Access: $4.95/month
  • 3-monthly subscription: $13.95
  • 6-monthly subscription: $26.95
  • Annual Subscription: $49.95

Lets look into some of the features of Overplay VPN

Their use of SmartDNS technology will allow you to browse Internet at high speeds and remove any throttles caused by your ISP. You can also use the programs on your smartphones and tablets and enjoy anonymous Internet browsing anywhere.

Across the world ISPs have a habit of tracking their consumers’ behavior and use the data for incessant advertising and marketing. With VPN services such as Overplay, you can browse the Internet anonymously. Even your ISP will not be able to track you.This task is done by masking your IP address for whichthese firms have special tools and software. This allows you to keep your personal information safe.

Your personal information can include stuff like your spending patterns, your buying behavior, your access credentials and much more. With online privacy becoming more and more threatened each passing day, VPN services like Overplay are fast increasing in popularity.

Pass censor barriers

With Overplay’s SmartDNS features, you can access all the content on the Internet. Their tech bypasses the censor firewalls put forth by your ISP and allows you to have unrestricted access to the Internet.

Stay safe from cyber threats and cybercrime

As your identity is protected, you will stay safe from hackers and other malware phished out on the Internet. Stay safe from people and firms trying to target your geo-physical location and send you irritating ads.

More about the 2 Day Free Trial

You get access to all features and offerings for Overplay. I think you can decide whether you want to go ahead or not in this timeframe. The amount is billed at first and then refunded.

The risk is quite less and the features are many. If you are looking for cheap VPN services then Overplay is a good option. You can always get a full refund.

You have to remember that to get a full refund you have to cancel your account subscription within 2 days of ordering a package.


Overplay VPN offers a comprehensive package of VPN services and allows you to surf the Internet anonymously and discreetly. It gives you unrestricted access to the World Wide Web and protects you from cyber threats.

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