How to Claim Your PureVPN Free Trial in 2020 – Get your free 30-day VPN trial here

The extensive use of internet these days in every sphere has led to the introduction of many services that help the user to access it without any hassles. So, all the service providers strive hard to build their customer base by providing free trials of their services like VPN services. This way the users get to know whether this service fulfills their requirement or not. This leaves a significant imprint in the heart of the users.


Along with the good things come the bad things too! So with the benefits of the trial based services come the flaws which are not understood by the service providers.

Understanding PureVPN

PureVPN is a VPN client that fully supports Mac, Windows, iOS and Andriod Devices. This application deals with the security issues, encryption and grants access only to limited websites. Therefore, PureVPN guarantees full privacy and anonymity. Thus, offering better accessibility to internet and web enjoyment beyond limits.

What PureVPN actually Does?

When a person chooses a server of some other country which is different from his present location he then uses PureVPN to hide his real IP address. He then operates through a newly assigned identity. VPN camouflages his real IP address so as to guard his true identity and creates an anonymous one. It does so by acting as a tunnel between the PC and the server.

After the easy installation of the software, a GUI option appears with all the options well organized. The top of the screen shows all the relevant information like the IP address, duration, connection status and the dashboard displays the bandwidth usage. This helps in updating the user instantaneously with all the required details.
The application provides many options from which the user chooses the standard procedure of securing his connection and identity. Selection of the protocol helps both the user and the service provider. The user selects from among SSTP, PPTP, IKEv2, L2TP, and OpenVPN.

The list of countries from where he wants his server to be connected with is extensive. Sometimes the application itself connects to the server and the country that suits best to the user. This is done purposely and for availing some advantages. The purpose menu has so much to offer. For example Options like file sharing, TV watching, VoIP services, or site blocking.

The latest version of PureVPN has many added features similar to some present in the beta. Smart DNS, real-time protection while browsing, Internet Kill Switch, supports multiple devices and control over the VPN security settings.

The Features Are Discussed In Detail Beneath:

Smart DNS

It helps in finding top tv channels around the globe. This feature used to be an add-on but has now been included in the list of main features

The Internet kill switch

When the user is not connected to the service, then this switch automatically cuts off all connections and activities. This maintains the anonymity and security.

Hence this service can be trusted by the users (both new and existing ones) and therefore has been acclaimed as efficient, fast and reliable, carving a niche in the era of high competition.

Cautions with the Free Trial

A VPN service should always be a fully functional service, and this is the area where most of the service providers fail. This is because sometimes to test the option availability becomes restricted from a particular location of the trail and hence the customer feels that it is not being paid off well for the services he hired.
For instance, some VPN providers offer limited locations for users to access from their trial VPN. If a user would want to test all the locations using trial VPN, then there is no chance he or she can.

That is why PureVPN offers a three-day trial with all the features and functions properly working. Testing is incredibly easy as it can be done on all sought of devices, routers, consoles, or every other compatible device, with all the features.

But here is the word of caution– online security is not guaranteed with the free VPN trial.
This happens only when the user is not paying for the services, that one is not sure whether logs are being maintained, activities recorded and privacy protected and hence the user questions the services.

But, PureVPN in its 3-day free trail follows all the security policies that are applied in the paid subscriptions. It doesn’t keep a log of any of your online activities irrespective of the type of your account. You can trust PureVPN services and not worry about online privacy being hacked.

3.Reason for selecting Free Trail of PureVPN

  • It strictly deals with security issues even in the trail version
  • one can quickly test all the features in trail VPS
  • easy to operate and access

So, grab the trail pack and make it a part of your lives.

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