What is VPNStart?

n the early days of the internet, users felt an unparalleled sense of freedom. But by 2015, things took a dramatic turn. Online privacy, once a given, became an elusive concept. Digital footprints, if not guarded, could easily be traced, leading to personal data exposure. Amid this digital chaos, VPNStart was conceived, aspiring to be a beacon of hope, a defender of online rights.

The evolution of online threats mirrored the advancements in technology. Every forward step in innovation seemed to be matched by an equal stride in governmental and corporate tracking mechanisms. Concerns over intrusive surveillance, cyber-attacks, and identity theft grew rampant. It was in this climate of uncertainty that VPNStart sprang to life. We vowed to stand against this tide, aiming to reinstate the lost essence of online freedom and confidentiality.

Founder of VPNStart

Md Noman Miah

Md Noman Miah is more than just our founder; he is the soul of VPNStart. Born and raised in the picturesque landscapes of Bangladesh, Noman completed his BBA in marketing. This education was instrumental in molding his strategic mindset. However, his prowess extends far beyond the theoretical domain. Md Noman's practical experiences over the past eight years, meticulously analyzing and extracting maximum value from VPN software, are unmatched.

It's one thing to understand the market dynamics, but it's entirely different to master the art of savings in such a dynamic domain. This savings maven, as he's fondly known within our community, constantly strives to unearth the most exceptional VPN deals. By doing so, he ensures our readers not only get robust privacy solutions but also receive unparalleled value for their money.

A Dynamic Team of Experts

We pride ourselves on having a diverse team comprising 10 dedicated cybersecurity enthusiasts. Their roles vary – from researchers and writers to editors – but their mission is unanimous: to help every individual secure their online presence.

Our team brings together a unique blend of experience and expertise. Hailing from different corners of the world, each member contributes a wealth of knowledge, offering a holistic perspective on cybersecurity issues. They dedicate countless hours to staying updated, analyzing market trends, and predicting future challenges. With our combined insights, we aim to arm our readers with the tools they need to navigate the vast online world safely and privately.

Our Mission: Online Freedom for All

While the primary goal of VPNStart is to offer insightful VPN reviews, our role is deeper than that of a mere reviewer. We are advocates for online freedom. We invest time and resources into understanding each product from a user's perspective. Our rigorous testing methodologies ensure our reviews and guides are comprehensive, current, and crucially, relevant.

The internet knows no boundaries, and neither do we. Embracing this global perspective, we've expanded our resources to cater to an international audience, translating content into 29 different languages. This inclusivity ensures our guidance reaches every corner of the globe.

Furthermore, our commitment to online freedom goes beyond words. We have developed an array of free tools, providing users with the resources they need to safeguard their online activities. Our ultimate aim is to become a one-stop hub for all things VPN, guiding individuals to surf the internet on their terms.

Our Core Values

At VPNStart, we abide by a stringent set of values: unwavering honesty, complete transparency, and relentless dedication. The credibility of our VPN reviews is testament to our commitment to these principles. Our reviewers dive deep into each product, exploring them as any consumer would. This enables us to deliver reviews that are not just accurate but also resonate with the reader's needs.

Though we generate revenue through affiliate commissions, our content remains unbiased. Our loyalty is, and always will be, to our readers. We never allow monetary incentives to influence our findings. This ensures that every recommendation we put forth is genuinely in the best interest of our users.

Relentless Research and Testing

Our commitment to excellence is underscored by our relentless research and testing methodologies. VPN services are put through a battery of tests, evaluating them on parameters ranging from speed and security to usability and customer support.

We aim to stay ahead of the curve. Therefore, we're in perpetual testing mode, regularly updating our rankings based on real-time user feedback and the latest market developments. While our team collaboratively decides the overall rankings, individual writers are granted the autonomy to make adjustments based on specific research and user requirements.

Unrivaled Review Methodology

When reviewing a VPN service, we focus on a comprehensive set of parameters:

  1. Privacy and Logging Policy: We meticulously analyze the fine print, ensuring VPNs genuinely safeguard your privacy.
  2. Speeds: A lightning-fast connection is vital. Through diverse tests, we pinpoint VPNs that guarantee seamless browsing and streaming.
  3. Security Features: We look for more than just top-tier encryption. Features like split tunneling, kill switches, and obfuscation are equally important for us.
  4. Streaming: A VPN’s capability to unblock global content is assessed rigorously. We undertake tests across renowned streaming platforms, ensuring endless entertainment.
  5. Ease of Use: An intuitive interface is essential. We evaluate installation procedures, user interfaces, and device compatibility.
  6. Customer Support: We assess the quality, promptness, and efficiency of the support teams.
  7. Torrenting: A VPN's support for torrenting is gauged, considering factors like speed, security, and additional features like port forwarding.

Securing the Best Deals for VPNstart Readers

At VPNStart, we understand that our readers not only seek top-notch security and privacy but also value efficiency and affordability. Our commitment to delivering comprehensive value has led us to adopt a proactive approach in ensuring our users get the best deals possible on VPN services.

One of the unique facets of our operation lies in the direct relationships we've established with the most prominent VPN software providers. Recognizing the vast and loyal readership that VPNStart boasts, we often engage in negotiations with these providers to secure exclusive offers and promotions for our community. This isn't a mere email exchange but a detailed dialogue that emphasizes the mutual benefits of offering top-tier VPN solutions at a more accessible price point.

But securing these exclusive deals is just half the battle. To ensure our readers can seamlessly avail of these offers, we accompany each deal with a step-by-step guide on how to use the provided coupon codes. These guides are designed to be user-friendly, breaking down the process in a manner that both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy readers can understand and follow with ease. Whether it's navigating to the payment page, finding the right field to input the coupon code, or understanding the terms and conditions of the offer, we cover it all.

This dedication to securing and streamlining exceptional deals stems from our core belief that online security shouldn't be exorbitantly priced. Everyone deserves access to robust online privacy tools without breaking the bank. By bridging the gap between premium VPN providers and our readers, and by eliminating any complexities in the process, we ensure that the path to online privacy and security is as straightforward and affordable as possible.

Our Pledge to You

VPNStart isn't just a company; it's a movement. We champion the rights of every netizen, advocating for a digital world where privacy is a right, not a luxury. As the internet continues to morph, so do the challenges to our online safety. But with our team's expertise, exhaustive testing methodologies, and unwavering dedication to our readers, we pledge to guide you safely. Entrust us with your online journey, and together, we can craft a digital landscape that's secure, free, and welcoming for all.

VPN Start