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Smartproxy Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Sales [Live Soon!]

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Are you looking for the best SmartProxy Black Friday Deals? If so, we have listed some of the active Smartproxy Black Friday deals to help you save up to 50% on all the plans. So let’s dive in. 

Smartproxy is among the most well-known brands in the home proxy sector today. Smartproxy's premier residential proxy service reputation is due to its high-quality proxy pool, competent 24/7 technical support, and user-friendly interface. But today we are not going to discuss its features or benefits. Today we are going to help you in picking the most worthy deal available on this occasion of Black Friday.

Smartproxy Black Friday Sale hasn’t started yet 🙁

This year SmartProxy is offering a FLAT 50% Deal on its services. Be it residential or Datacenter both are available at 50% less for the first month on the auspicious occasion of Black Friday.

Don't look for any coupons as there aren't any. This discount offer is valid till 14th December so hurry up and avail the offer ASAP.

What’s more, we have also listed a step-by-step guide to help you claim the best SmartProxy black Friday deals. So let’s dive. 

How to claim Smartproxy Black Friday offer?

Black Friday comes with an amazing discount and you really want to use this chance to get your desired proxy. But you are unable to avail of the discount and other sites keep beating around the bush rather than providing a practical solution. Worry not, we are here to let you avail the discount without any hassle and plethora of complicated steps. Just follow this simple pointwise guide to get the benefit-

Step #1: First of all you need to visit the official site of SmartProxy using our exclusive discount link. The perk of using our discount link is — the discount offer will get activated automatically. 

Step #2: Click on the Grab Deal box appearing on the homepage of the website.

Step#4:Now comes registration, it will ask you to choose the reason why you want to 

use their proxies? Tell any specific reason or say security, privacy, etc. Then, click continue.

  • Now it will ask you to fill your email id. Fill it and set a strong password to safeguard your login. Then, click on create account

Step#4: Verify your email by sending a confirmation link. Check your email and click on the confirmation link. Wait for a few minutes in case it doesn’t come instantly. Generally, it does not take more than a minute.

After confirming your account now you can choose the type of proxy which you want to buy. You can choose between Residential and Datacenter by hovering to the left side of the window.

Step#5:Choose pricing to see the price and buy the subscription. You can choose between regular, enterprise, and reseller depending upon your need. Choose any one of them and click on Buy Subscription.

It will redirect you to the payment page and you can see that the coupon discount is automatically applied to your purchase. In the screenshot below of Regular type, you can see $120 is subtracted from the total amount.

Step#6: Lastly, fill your personal details and make payment through your desired way to complete the purchase.

So this is how you can avail the Black Friday 30% discount on Smartproxy website smoothly.

SmartProxy Pricing Plans Explained

Smartproxy offers two types of services. The first one is Residential and the other one is a Datacenter.

Residential service offers three different types of category namely Regular, Enterprise, Reseller.

  • Regular- This is for normal users whose data limit is generally 50-60GB per month. It also offers three sub-categories under it which are Micro, Starter, Regular.
  1. Micro– If you are looking for a data limit of merely around 5GB, this might be the best option for you. It is the cheapest starting plan of Smartproxy and comes at just a $75 price. You can add an extra GB for $15 Maximum number of users allowed are only one with 1 whitelist. It is best for casual users who don’t want to spend a hefty sum of money on security over the internet.
  1. Starter- This plan costs you $200 and offers a traffic limit of 20GB. However, you can add an extra GB for merely $10. The limit is set to 3 for both proxy users and the whitelist. 
  1. Regular- This plan is the high-end plan of residential service and comes with the cost of $400. It provides a 50GB of traffic limit which can be added up by an extra GB for $8. Both proxy users and whitelists come with a decent limit of 5 each.

Note- VAT is not added to the prices mentioned above. However, they will be added to the final payment.

If you are in requirement of the really huge amount of data limits, you can surely check their Enterprise and Reseller option. However, you cannot directly buy those plans from their website. You have to contact them first by clicking on the contact us option.

The other service which is offered is Datacenter which eventually is subcategorized into four, namely – Clever, Smart, Wise, Genius.  We will discuss each one by one below.

  1. Clever– If you are looking for a traffic limit of around 100GB this might be the best option for you. This one is really economical with the price of just $50. Moreover, you can add an extra GB for merely $1. Proxy users limit is set to one.
  2. Smart– This pack comes with the price of $100 and offers a 200GB of data traffic limit. You can add an extra GB for an extremely low price for $0.80.3 users are allowed for this plan as the proxy users limit is set to three.
  3. Wise– For the users looking for 400GB of traffic limit with price for just $200. This might be the best plan. Users can add each GB for merely $0.70. The proxy users limit is set to five.
  4. Genius– The top-end plan under the Datacenter offers 1000GB of data traffic at the cost of $500. You can pay $0.70 to add an extra GB. it comes with a huge proxy users limit of 10. If you are looking for the maximum users limit and high data traffic simultaneously within budget, this is certainly the best deal on the planet right now.

Why Should You Buy SmartyProxy on Black Friday? 

As Black Friday symbolizes the start of the critical holiday shopping season, buying a proxy that causes a few hundred bucks on discount might be the smart move. As Smartproxy is offering a flat 30% on its selected services. You can get a discount of as much as $150 if you choose the highest-ranging Datacenter pack which is quite a huge discount for the needy ones. Also, if your data limit has just exceeded or you were trying to switch from other proxy providers now is the time to do so.

And if you really want to switch to or stick to Smartproxy this is certainly one of the best times to buy their subscription. As there is no certainty when this type of sale will come in the near future and you might end up waiting for a year to look for a similar discount.

Smartproxy Black Friday FAQs

Q-How can I get a Smartproxy coupon code?

No coupon is needed in this Black Friday sale. However, if you really want to use it manually, BLACKFRIDAY is the coupon code. It is valid only on selected plans and is valid up to 14th December 2021.

Q-What is the best available promo?

 The best available promo right now is BLACKFRIDAY. This promo offers a flat 30% discount on its selected plans and provides a discount of up to $150. This promo is valid until 14th December 2021.

Q-What do I do if the Smartproxy coupon isn’t working?

There are high chances that the existing coupon that you are trying to use is not eligible for the plan. Kindly read the t&c and then reapply on the suitable plan. Most of the time coupons are applied automatically. Still, if the problem persists, try re-login your account and hopefully it will work.

Q-Is there a Free trial Smartproxy version? 

No, free trials are not available due to abuse. However, it offers a 3-day money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with the services. There are certain criteria that need to be fulfilled before claiming the refund. You can read about that in the latter part.

Q-Where can I get the best ExpressVPN offer?

Expressvpn itself is offering a 49% discount for its services for 12+3 months. They are offering free three months services at merely $6.67 per month. Just go to its site and claim the offer on the homepage.

Q-Is there any money-back guarantee? 

Yes, there is a mechanism of three days money back guarantee but there are three certain conditions which need to be met-

  • Have subscription
  • Still in the refund period
  • Not use all your traffic data

Also even if you meet all these conditions, the refund will be only once and for your first order.

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