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ExpressVPN Black Friday

Are you concerned about staying safe online? With so much information out there these days about hackers, spies, security threats and identity theft, it’s easy to get worried about your online safety. That’s where a VPN service comes in.

A VPN (virtual private network) gives you your very own private and secure connection to the internet. You can browse, shop and surf in safety, knowing that your data is fully encrypted. In this ExpressVPN review we’ll take a look at ExpressVPN and find out how they do.check expressvpn deal to save a little extra cash

Designed For Ease Of Use

One of the things that we notice about ExpressVPN is how easy it is to use. The service has clearly been designed with the end user in mind, Once you purchase ExpressVPN, installation really couldn’t be easier. With just a couple of clicks you’ll be up and ready to go. After installation, using ExpressVPN to connect to the web is as quick and easy as one click.

Browse The Web Your Way

ExpressVPN is designed to work with a wide range of devices. Whether you’re on Mac or Windows, Android, IOS or Linux, ExpressVPN will work with your device. You can even use it with your router for protection throughout your home.

ExpressVPN allows up to three simultaneous connections at a time. Many VPNs only allow one, or charge extra for more connections, so we really like the three simultanous connections feature.

Stay Secure No Matter What You Do

Security is of course at the heart of the ExpressVPN experience – when you use the service you’ll be able to chat, shop, browse, even bank and pay bills safely even when using public WiFi. With some of the best encryption in the market and a strict no log policy, you can rest easy knowing your data is protected, and none of it is kept or logged.

Made To Unlock The Web

It’s not just the security features that make ExpressVPN such a great product – the ability to unlock the web is pretty impressive, too. When you use ExpressVPN, you’ll no longer be subject to geographical restrictions. That means that no matter what content you want to watch, stream or share, you can. No more surfing to a site only to find the media isn’t allowed in your country. With ExpressVPN, the web is yours.

Ultra Fast Surfing

ExpressVPN pride themselves on the speed and quality of their service, and with good reason. With 136 server locations spread throughout 87 different countries, there’s a nearby ExpressVPN server no matter where you are in the world. Add in their commitment to constantly optimizing their service for maximum speed and you’ve got a fast and reliable service that you can use anywhere, any time.

Fantastic Customer Support

One of the things that makes ExpressVPN stand out from the competition is the quality of their customer support. There is one small drawback: They don’t offer phone support. However, they offer quick and convenient support by email or live chat 24 hours a day, and their agents are highly knowledgeable. If you do have questions or a problem, you’re guaranteed to get the help you need.

Discounts For Longer Contracts

Although ExpressVPN start out at $12.95 per month, which is pricier than some VPN services, the cost soon drops to a very reasonable $8.32 per month when you purchase a 12 month plan. This is comparable to other VPN services, and when you take into account the quality of both the service and the support, $8.32 a month is a steal!

If you want to browse the internet safely and securely, we highly recommend ExpressVPN. Their service offers lightning-fast speed and top grade security coupled with ease of use, and all for a very reasonable price.