HideMyAss Free Trial Account : Special Risk Free 30 Days Trial Period

If you need reliable VPN software, then HideMyAss 30 day free trial is the VPN offer to go for. The 30 day free trial period is where the customer pays for the software and gets his money back if he is not satisfied with its performance.

The 30 day trial is risk free. However, the free trial has some limitations on bandwidth. The 30-day money refund option limits the upload and downloads bandwidth. The user cannot exceed 10 gigabytes of bandwidth during the trial period. If the user goes beyond this limit, he forfeits the reimbursement. All in all, 10 gigabytes is very wide and the customer is unlikely to exhaust in 30 days.

The actual service of HideMyAss does not have restrictions on bandwidth and the user is free to conduct infinite uploads and downloads. HMA VPN is very inviting because of its benefits. Therefore, the trial period is an added advantage for this program. The customer can switch to it without bothering much with research and background information. It is okay to be too eager to begin using it. There is a safety net that is the 30 day trial for HMA.

It is easy to get the 30 day free trial alternative and it gives the customers the guarantee that the VPN will leave up to their expectations. It allows time to gauge whether this VPN is acceptable. It is a product that anyone from any location in the world can work with. There are ‘no questions asked’ for the guarantee. This makes this offer convenient and great. It also allows for more functionality, time and bandwidth in comparison to other VPN software.
HideMyAss has a reliable customer service centre. The centre allows live chats between customers and its agents. It also provides immediate support and quick resolutions to issues.

The Cost of HideMyAss

HMA is inexpensive and therefore competes strongly in the market. It gets countless lookups on Google each month. This VPN software goes for about $11.52 for a monthly plan, $50.66 for six months and $78.66 for a year. The annual plan therefore averages to about $6.55 per month. This is very cheap.
This VPN gets cheaper when the customer chooses a longer sign-up plan. There is the option to sign-up for one month, six months or a year.

Why HideMyAss is Exceptional

HideMyAss virtual private network is software that works with Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux and Android. It is easy to install and has an uncluttered interface. It is a desktop software where the user can connect or disconnect from the network or use servers from different locations. It has an icon which shows connectivity. It is also possible to connect up to two devices simultaneously.

Their price plan also includes all the costs. The one off payment comprises of all the services. It also has a wide internet protocol range. This helps with protecting the identity of the user. The user gets a new address each time he connects to the VPN.

HideMyAss is all-encompassing. They present over 500 servers to users in approximately 145 locations. They further have presence in over 60 countries. This ensures the reliability of their network and connection speeds.


All the payment plans for HideMyAss have the option for the 30 day money back guarantee. Therefore, the customer can get the trial period with a one month, six month or annual payment option. If it fails to offer satisfactory services within 30 days, the customer can ask for their money back. This means that the HMA is a great product that the customer can purchase with confidence.

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