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Special Deal for FlashRouters
Special Deal for FlashRouters

FlashRouters offers state of the art routers with all the latest wireless, VPN (virtual private network) and flash technology.

Flash routers are built using open source firmware that gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

Even better, with our exclusive coupon code you can save money on any FlashRouters purchase today!

How Much Money Can I Save On FlashRouters?

Our special FlashRouters discount coupon code gives you 20% off any router in the FlashRouters store.

That means that whichever router you ultimately opt for, you can make a great saving and get speed, efficiency and security for even less money.

How Can I Apply FlashRouters Coupon Code?

Saving money on your FlashRouters purchase is so easy.

  • First, choose your router (more on that in a moment)
  • Once you click on your router you will see some more options. You can use the drop down menus to choose which support plan (free or Premium for an extra $50) you want and how long a warranty you would like (90 days free, or a year for $30 or 2 years for $50).
  • You can also choose whether you would like to make a small donation to support open source software.
  • Choose how many you would like and click “Add To Cart”
  • You’ll see a pop up where you can choose to continue shopping or go to cart
  • When you’re ready, click “Go To Cart”
  • On the next page you’ll see your shopping cart
  • On the right of the page is a small box with a drop down arrow, labeled “Discount Codes”
  • Click the drop down arrow
  • Enter “SPRING” in the box
  • Click “Apply Coupon”
  • Now click “Proceed To Checkout”
  • Enter your billing information
  • Enter your payment details

And you’re done! Your brand new FlashRouter will now be shipped to you.

What Is A FlashRouter and How Does It Benefit Me?

A FlashRouter is a next generation router that offers enhanced functionality for any home or business network. A FlashRouter uses top of the range WiFi to replace old style wireless connections for a faster and more reliable router connection.

That means faster speeds and less waiting for your router to buffer when you want to browse your favorite websites or watch your favorite content.

It also makes them ideal for anyone who wants to game or chat online.

FlashRouters use up to date open source firmware. Firmware is software that is embedded in the hardware itself, making it an integral part of every FlashRouter. The result is a highly functional and adaptable router that offers every device connected to it in your home or business unparalleled security and a blanket of protection.

FlashRouters offer enhanced performance straight out of the box with no worries about complicated set ups. You can use it to replace your existing router or, if you don’t want to use VPN in every area of your home, you can set up your network to use your existing router AND your new FlashRouter to create zones.

In short, a FlashRouter offers you a faster and more secure home or business network, with all the benefits of a VPN connection.

VPN Comes As Standard

Every FlashRouter comes with built-in VPN so you can have all the benefits of a VPN connection on any device connected to it.

VPN means you get your own completely secure internet connection which is safe from hackers, spies the Government or your employer.

In other words, with a VPN you can browse the internet safely and securely knowing that all your personal and even financial data will be kept safe from prying eyes.

VPN connections also help you unblock geographic content. Are you frustrated because the movie service you want to use isn’t available in your country, or your favorite TV show doesn’t stream to your location?

A VPN gives you a way round geographic restrictions so you can have the content you want, when you want it.

When you purchase a FlashRouter you get all the positives of a VPN connection as part of the deal.

Which FlashRouter Should I Buy?

Flashrouters offer many different routers, so no matter what you need you will find a router to suit you.

Routers are a standard part of everyday life for any computer user. If you’re logging on, there’s a good chance that you’re using a router, either at home or at your place of work. Routers network computers together and connect them all to the internet and to each other.

Just like other pieces of hardware and software, routers can be vulnerable to attacks and can also break down and cause problems.

But what if you could have a state of the art router that actually protected your devices, made home and business computing simple, and helped you get the results you want instead of getting frustrated with malfunctioning routers?

If you are unsure which router you need to buy, we highly recommend using the router chooser on the FlashRouters home page.

If you scroll down the home page you will see a box on the right labeled “Find Your Perfect Router”.

If you’re not sure what you need, simply choose a few simple answers and FlashRouters will suggest the ideal router for your needs.

The router chooser asks you all about:

  • How many devices you need to connect – just 1 or 2, as many as 4 or 5, or even 10 or more?
  • The size of your WiFi coverage area – a small home or condo, a medium home, or a large home or office?
  • Whether or not you plan to use a VPN service on your router
  • The reason you want to upgrade your router – for increased range, better network security, lag-free gaming and streaming, or all of the above?
  • Whether you would prefer Tomato or DD-WRT firmware (don’t worry if you don’t know – there’s an “unsure” option)

Once you’ve entered all of the information, just click “Find Router” and FlashRouters will return the results that are most relevant to your needs.

You can then refine your results by brand, wireless data rates and price.

Every router comes with a useful page telling you all about it. You can also view customer reviews and see what other people are saying about it.

You also have the option to choose your router based on your favorite VPN provider. If you already know which VPN provider you want to use, or you already have VPN and you want to make sure your router is compatible with it, simply go to this page [https://www.flashrouters.com/vpn-types#homebox1] to see all the different VPN providers FlashRouters works with.

You can choose from all the big name VPN providers, including: ExpressVPN, NordVPN, SpyOff, TotalVPN, EarthVPN, FoxyProxy and more.

What Is This Tomato and DD-WRT Stuff About?

Tomato and DD-WRT are the two kinds of open source firmware that FlashRouters uses in their routers.

Tomato firmware takes an average router and elevates it to something much better. Tomato lets users boost their wireless coverage, monitor their bandwidth allocation, and keep their network extremely secure.

Tomato even lets you decide where to allocate your bandwidth (to movies or gaming for example) so you can enjoy the things you want with less freezes and buffering.

DD-WRT firmware takes ordinary personal routers and transforms them into powerful business-class routers with a wide range of capabilities.

DD-WRT offers superior network performance and stability along with the ability to encrypt your entire network using a VPN. DD-WRT also lets users create multiple segments on their WiFi networks, and more.

FlashRouters offers a range of both Tomato and DD-WRT routers, so if you’re not sure what you need you can browse a few different models before deciding on the best one for your home network.

If you want a router that does more for your home network, a FlashRouter is the way to go. There are routers to suit every need and budget, so check them out today.

Don’t forget to enter “SPRING” at the checkout to save 20% on any router purchase.

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