NordVPN Free Trial Account

NordVPN Free Trial Account

NordVPN is one of the pioneer VPN providers in the VPN industry. What’s more, NordVPN offers a 30 days free trial to try the services before making the purchase. 

If you’re someone looking to try your hands on NordVPN for free, you’re in the right place. 

When it comes to the best premium VPN service provider majority of people always recommend Nord VPN because of its reliability and the feature it caters to its customers.

Try NordVPN risk free for 30 days NordVPN 2

But before making your purchase, you’ll need surety of its services, and for this Nord VPN, give us a generous 30 Money-back guarantee where you can access all the features of Nord VPN and test it on all terrains.

Enjoy a hassle free online experience

Although it doesn’t provide a free trial, don’t worry, we have provided you with a roadmap on How you can claim your Nord VPN 30 days trial.

Enjoy your 30-day free VPN trial

How to Claim the NordVPN Free Trial (Step By Step)

The steps on claiming your Nord VPN 30 days trial is elementary and doesn’t take much of your time.

There are only a few steps that are needed to be followed.

Step 1 :

Visit the official special secret trial Page of NordVPN or just click on This will take you to the plan and pricing page of Nord VPN.

How to Claim the NordVPN Free Trial (Step By Step)

Step 2 :

Select a plan that is most suitable for you and your needs. You will have an option of One month, One year, Two Years and Three years. You will be charged the entire amount during check out.

Encrypt your internet connection to protect your data and privacy

When you are canceling your subscription, you’ll be getting the whole amount. We would suggest you purchase a monthly plan because it would be the most affordable one.

Step 3 :

Once you have opted for your plan, you would be redirected to the Payment page where you are expected to enter your valid E-mail address.

NordVPN Monthly package

Step 4 :

Now select your payment method. Nord VPN has a variety of options available for payment.

You can use all kinds of Credit cards, Google Pay, or Apple Pay and Cryptocurrencies. Once done, click on ‘Continue.’

nordvpn payment method

Step 5 :

Once you have completed your payment, you would be receiving a confirmation E-mail from Nord VPN regarding activation of your VPN service.

Step 6 :

The E-mail that you would receive will have a ‘Set Password and Activate Account’ tab.

Step 7 :

Once you’ve clicked on it, you will have to set a new password for your account.

My Account Nord

Step 8 :

Now you can download Nord VPN for your device.

NordVPN download

How to Cancel NordVPN Free Trial Before 30 Days

  1. Visit the Nord VPN official website and login to your account. 
  1. Once you have logged in, click on ‘Billing’ navigate yourself to the ‘subscription’ tab. Within ‘Billing,’ click on the three dots next to ‘Cancel Auto Renewal.’
Nordvpn cancel
  1. You’ll find ‘Cancel Auto Renewal.’
Warning youre putting your security at risk
  1. Once you have done that, you’ll be asked to confirm your cancellation. You’ll still see the option to cancel the plan in case you have changed your mind.
  1. Now Automatic Payments are canceled, and you will see a message ‘Extend Plan.’
  1. Now you are supposed to get in touch with the customer support team of Nord VPN to cancel your subscription and avail of a full refund. You would be able to do this by clicking on the bubble icon on the bottom right corner of your screen.
  1. Make your refund request through E-mail or Live chat support of Nord VPN. The customer support team is fantastic and will revert in no time. They will ask you some fundamental questions like date of payment, plan opted, payment method, and reason of cancellation for verification purposes.

Note that the refund will be initiated in a few working days because of the verification protocol that Nord VPN needs to follow. 

Free trial vs Money back guarantee

Free trial vs Money back guarantee

The significant difference between Free trial and Money back guarantee is that free trial doesn’t provide you more functionality than a Money-back guarantee.

Free trials mostly have restriction over their usage, while using free trials, you would be provided with very few options to test and stroll around like limited server count, speed throttling, data caps, etc.

You often don’t even get Kill switch or no-logging policies because of which privacy and anonymity are hindered.

With a free trial, you will mostly get it for 24 hours or 7-days and to be honest to test a VPN service altogether it takes more seven days.

But on the other hand, with a Money back guarantee, you not only get access the full version but also you get access to all the premium features of Nord VPN like the kill switch, no-logging policies, unlimited speed, safe and secure surfing.

With a money-back guarantee, you can binge your favorite streaming site without any restrictions with blazing speed.

Nord VPN : An overview

Nord VPN comes under the superior VPN service provider that stands #1 in the VPN category. Nord VPN is considered no.

1 because of its customer service and outstanding performance.

Nord VPN has installed Military-grade encryption that is 256 bit AES and Open VPN tunneling protocols. Their server park is claimed to be containing 5300+ servers present at 59+ countries.

This makes gaining access to streaming media and unblocking blocked content just a work of a hand. One of the best things we got to know while performing tests is that Netflix worked on 90% of the servers we used it on.

Since they have numerous servers located, it is easier for them to identify and connect to the fastest server, and especially it is perfect for torrenting.

Nord VPN also supports P2P and also have used an onion for maximum security. Nord VPN is also famous for having no-logging policies, so in that manner, your privacy is maintained.

Features of Nord VPN

Nord VPN offers you a bundle of deals that are super amazing.

Since Nord VPN entered the market, they have been continuously focusing upon user experience and fulfilling the user’s expectations, which is why they have become customer-centric to maximize their growth.

Below mentioned are few key features that make Nord VPN:

  • Biggest server Park: Nord VPN is considered to have the biggest server park than other VPN providers in the VPN arena. Nord VPN provides nearly around 5200 servers present in 59 countries. Nord VPN is so smartly built that it connects you to the best and the fastest server in seconds. You also get an option to select your country as per your accordance.
  • Superfast speed: One criterion where the developers did’ not compromise was speed. No client would want to purchase a slow and a laggy VPN connection, so Nord VPN mainly focused on its speed. We tested Nord VPN to verify that what it claims about its speed is true or not and compared to the test results with expected results. Nord VPN was giving an exceptionally well and constant speed throughout. We tried it in a different location, and the test results are:
    • New Jersey: PING- 18 ms; DOWNLOAD- 131.44 Mbps; UPLOAD- 9.10 Mbps.
    • New York: PING- 18 ms; DOWNLOAD- 140.52 Mbps; UPLOAD- 11.28 Mbps.
  • Ease of usability: Nord VPN has made all of its processes from website browsing to downloading and installing Nord VPN straightforward and user-friendly; there is no hectic or confusing thing involved.
  • Customer Service: Quick Customer service plays a vital role in the technical field. All you are supposed to do is drop Nord VPN a mail mentioning your problem or hop on to Live chat, and Nord VPN will revert within an hour or two with a solution for your question.
  • Kill Switch: Kill switch is a must feature that must be added in every VPN service because of Kill Switch you are protected from IP leaks and security breaches. Kill Switch is programmed so that if your device gets disconnected from the VPN server, then the kill switch will automatically detect and block all your activities from the internet until your connection isn’t rebuilt. This helps in maintaining data protection and prevents IP leaks.
  • No logging policy: Making use of Nord VPN while browsing keeps all your activity and logs protected and private. Nord VPN’s no-logging policy claims that no records, connections, IP addresses, and traffic would be stored on any platform.
  • Multiple devices supported: Nord VPN supports simultaneous connections and can secure up to six devices at once with one single account and no limitations to what device or platform you use it on. What’s exceptionally good about Nord VPN is that you can even connect your router to it that helps to protect all the devices that are connected to the same network.
  • Tor supported: Nord VPN does support Tor and torrenting, and it works perfectly fine without any restriction. When the encryptions of TOR and Nord VPN work simultaneously, they prepare a powerful defense mechanism against any cyberattack. But one thing that needs to taken care of is you need to connect to Nord VPN first and then start your TOR browser.

How much does Nord VPN cost?

Price is always a vital factor when choosing a VPN service provider—Nord VPN, a superior VPN provider, which is very clearly explained through their pricing.

Nord VPN has exceptionally done well in pricing and has set up a reasonable amount for each of its plans.

We have done a complete teardown on the prices of Nord VPN, along with their plans and services.

  1. 1 month plan costs for 11.95$/ month.
  2. One year plan costs for 6.99$/ month.
  3. Two-year plan costs for 4.99$/ month.
  4. Three-year plan costs for 3.49$/ month.

All of these mentioned plans are charged monthly and might sometimes have an offer upon them and discounts too, which come with 30-days money-back guarantee. 


Final thoughts

In the end, I like to conclude that NordVPN is the best VPN and is the most recommend one, and because of its popularity, you don’t get a free trial of it.

Still, they do provide 30 days paid trial so that if the customer doesn’t like the services, one can cancel their subscription and request a full refund.

If you are planning on making your buy for Nord VPN, we would strongly suggest you go forward and don’t rethink your decision, or else you can even try the 30-days trial of Nord VPN and try it out for 30 days with no limitations. 

Do feel free to share your thoughts about this hack and also about Nord VPN in the comment section below.

NordVPN Free Trial FAQs

1.Can I cancel my subscription after my free trial ends?

Ans 1. No, you cannot cancel your subscription once your free trial has ended because your 30-days trial period has ended, and you won’t be getting any refund because Nord VPN only offers a trial period of 30-days where they claim to refund your full amount.

2. Do I need to pay once my trial period ends?

Ans 2. Yes, you will be needed to pay once your trial period has ended because Nord VPN has a feature called Cancel Automatic Plans.

Every month, the dedicated amount will be deducted from your account until and unless you cancel it.

 3. Does Nord VPN work with Netflix?

Ans 3. Yes, Nord VPN works perfectly fine with Netflix. While we were running tests on Nord VPN, we came to know that Netflix works smoothly on 90% of its server, and not only Netflix other streaming sites work perfectly fine while connected to Nord VPN.


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