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cyberghost coupon code

CyberGhost is one of the top providers of VPN worldwide.

It's fast, reliable, and safe. With millions of users worldwide, it is one of the trusted brands and offers huge discounts on its plans.

In this article, we're going to see how you can get a CyberGhost Discount coupon and save huge on the billings and stay safe on the internet.

To make it easy for you, we've already picked  the best promotional and discount codes.

The same would automatically be activated once you visit the website through our link.

So without any further due, let's claim the amazing offer.

CyberGhost festive Offer: Christmas has come early, and the CyberGhost Santa is generous.

They are offering an excellent deal of 85% off on their subscription that will last for 36 months, and after that, you'll get 3 additional months free.

This offer is as great as it sounds, and we're going to help you claim it without any hassle.

Follow our step by step guide for claiming the deal.


How to Claim CyberGhost VPN Coupon Code (step by step)

We've made the process of claiming the coupon codes a piece of cake for you. Let us show you how.

Step #1 (Visit the website): 

Click here to go directly to the claiming window where we've selected the plan with the most discount for you.

CyberGhost VPN: Powered by 15 years of expertise

Step #2 (Select the plan): 

Click on the ‘Get plan‘ button to claim the offer.

All billing plans include

[Note: With our link in step 1. You can skip the 2nd step and directly proceed to step 3 as the offer will  directly be applied , and You don't need to get a coupon code separately and paste it anywhere] 

Step #3 (Choose payment method): 

In the 3rd step, you have to select your payment method.

CyberGhost accepts all kinds of cards along with PayPal and even Bitcoin.

Select a payment method

Step #4 (Enter email id): 

After you've selected your payment method, scroll down, and enter your email id to complete your purchase.

Step #5 (Fill contact & payment details): 

After entering a valid email id, you'll be taken to the billing window.

Here you have to enter your contact details and other payment-related information to make the purchase.

Choose your payment option:

Step #6 (Get security credentials): 

When the payment is made successfully, you'll get confirmation about it, and you'll be given the following details too

  • Username & password – Your temporary username & password to login into the CyberGhost account.
  • Reference No – this will be your stripe number. The customer support of CyberGhost will ask for this number when you contact them for help.
  • Recovery token – this can be used to recover the CyberGhost account in case of loss of temporary credentials.

Step #7 (Download PUK): 

You'll get an option to download your PUK (Personal Unblocking Key).

This has all the information related to recovering your account. Make sure you store this file somewhere safe.

image 5

Step #8 (Log in): 

That's it. Everything is done. Log in to your CyberGhost account and enjoy the internet as it was meant to be. Free and secure

image 6

CyberGhost is simple to use and very convenient in every way. With over 6900 servers to access, you can connect to every part of the world without worrying about safety and speed.

It's reliable and fast and can access blocked content with ease.

Their Military grade encryption which tunnels your traffic securely and the No log policy is excellent.

They only have minimal details about your account such as Email id and payment information, not even your credentials are stored by them.

CyberGhost is very transparent in their approach, they are the first VPN service providers to publish transparency reports, which include DMCA complaints, police requests for data access and malware flagged activities.

Moreover  Cyberghost is based in Romania, a country where there is no legal obligation to store customer data.  

With 4.8/5 on Trustpilot. CyberGhost has a delighted customer base. Users have mentioned that their issues were quickly acknowledged and resolved by the customer care, which is available 24/7. 

Overall, CyberGhost VPN is worth every penny you pay and a great tool to enjoy the internet with safety.

CyberGhost Key Features:

CyberGhost is loaded with great features. Some of the features to look out for are:

#1 Global Coverage: You can choose from 6900 servers, which are located in 89 countries. No matter where you are, you can be connected to a secure proxy network.

image 7

#2 Unblock streaming providers: With CyberGhost, you can spoof your location and get access to geo-blocked content. It works for all streaming services without any issue.

Not only do you get access to content, but Cyberghost also has servers optimized for enhancing the experience while accessing the banned content.

image 8

#3 Unblock restricted content: It’s very disheartening to get a message saying the content you're trying to view isn't available in the region you stay.

But with CyberGhost, You can easily unblock content from such websites and services. Unleash the full power of browsing without any restrictions.

image 9

#4 Encryption: CyberGhost offers the highest grade AES 256-bit military encryption which is certified by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology.

It also has several VPN protocols to keep you completely anonymous on the web.

Some of them are

  • OpenVPN.
  • IKEv2.
  • WireGuard.
  • L2TP/IPSec.
image 10

#5 No Log policy: CyberGhost has a very strict no-log policy. Nothing is stored on their servers after you are connected to any of their servers.

They do not collect your

  • IP addresses. 
  • Session duration.
  • Web content which was accessed.
  • Browsing history.
  • Bandwidth usage.
  • DNS queries.
  • Connection & disconnection timestamps.
  • VPN servers which were used. 

They only know about 3 things, Your email address, your payment information and your cookie preferences. That's all.

image 11

#6 Torrenting seamlessly: Many countries have banned torrent websites because of copyright content being hosted there illegally.

CyberGhost allows you to access torrenting websites with P2P optimized servers which even stop the throttling from Internet Service Provider. 

#7 Protect 7 devices at a time: You can connect up to 7 devices to CyberGhost and protect all of them at a given time.

The devices need not be of the same kind. It even supports firesticks, gaming consoles and Linux.

image 12

When can You find the best offers on CyberGhost sales each year?

Black Friday sale: CyberGhost, just like other brands, offers huge discounts and probably the most throughout the year during Black Friday sales.

And the offers are applicable even to short term plans like the one month plan.

Seasonal Sales: You can get huge discounts during holidays like Easter, Boxing day, Halloween, etc.

During this period, the prices are down by a huge margin and can help you save a lot.

Flash Sales: These limited time sales are announced out of the blue and have huge discounts. To make sure you don't miss any of these sales.

You need to check their website regularly and even follow their social media handles. 

CyberGhost Pricing: Which Plan Is Best For You? 

image 13

CyberGhost offers four plans. We have covered the one with the most amount of savings in the article step by step. 

If you want a different plan, then you can select from the remaining three. Those plans are as follows.

#1 One month plan: It is billed for ₹895. It comes with a 14 days money-back guarantee.

#2 One year plan: It is billed for ₹291 per month and ₹3492 every year. This plan comes with a 45 days money-back guarantee.

#3 Two year plan: It is billed for ₹255 per month and ₹6120 for two years. This plan also comes with a 45 days money-back guarantee.


CyberGhost is a great VPN to have when you want to be safe and secured on the web.

They offer deals that are worth every penny. While other VPN services are cutting a hole in your pocket, CyberGhost is very pocket friendly when it comes to plan pricing.

Don't let the throwaway prices distract you from the great features that CyberGhost has to offer.

You get a load of excellent security features that let you explore the web with full freedom and maximum security.

To conclude, CyberGhost is an excellent service to have, and everyone should give it a try.

Cyberghost Coupon Code FAQs

#1 where can I find the CyberGhost coupon code?

You don't need to look for coupon codes anywhere to get a discount. Just follow our given link in the step by step guide, and the best offer will directly be applied to your purchase.

#2 What benefits do I get with CyberGhost VPN?

CyberGhost offers various benefits. 
They have a No log policy, so you don't have to worry about your data being stored and accessed by anyone else.
You get dedicated streaming servers, which very few VPN providers offer.
The total number of servers you can choose from are 6900 from around 89 countries.
7 devices can be connected simultaneously.

#3 Does CyberGhost VPN offer a money-back guarantee?

You can opt-out of all the plans except the single month plan before 45 days, and you'll get a full refund. As for the one month plan, you can opt-out of it before 14 days.
Your money is safe and will be refunded to you without any questions asked.

#4 What are the payment modes to pay while purchasing CyberGhost VPN?

CyberGhost accepts all types of Debit and Credit cards along with PayPal and even digital currency bitcoins as the payment source.

#5 Are there any student discounts for CyberGhost VPN?

There are no specific student discounts for CyberGhost. All the plans can be purchased by anybody and of any profession. 

#6 Does CyberGhost VPN offer a free trial?

CyberGhost does not offer a free trial. Instead, they offer a money-back guarantee scheme that is legitimate and trustworthy, so if you want a free trial, you'll have to choose one of their plans, pay for it upfront and then cancel the subscription before the free trial ends. Technically, this way you'll get to use the service for free.

#7 Is CyberGhost VPN good for Netflix?

CyberGhost works perfectly well with Netflix.
In fact, they have optimized servers for streaming platforms. CyberGhost also works well with other streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.

#8 How to find out about CyberGhost VPN future deals?

The best way to find out about CyberGhost deals is their official website. 

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