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50% DISCOUNT: Limited time offer only. To take advantage simply use the discount code on...Show More
50% DISCOUNT: Limited time offer only. To take advantage simply use the discount code on the checkout page. The discount is applied for renewals as well Show Less

Are you tired of your favorite content being banned from your location?

It’s frustrating when you want to watch a favorite show or movie but you can’t access the service because it’s not available in your country.

If you’d be happy if you never had to see a “this service is not available in your country” message ever again, we’ve got good news for you!

Unlocator is a smart IP hiding service that conceals your location and makes it possible for you to bypass any and all geographic restrictions on streaming service.

The internet is now your oyster with access to all the streaming sites you want, no matter where you are located in the world.

How to apply Unlocator Coupon Code?

You might be wondering if it’s possible to save money on Unlocator.

After all, who doesn’t like a bargain? You’re in luck – we are pleased to offer you our very special 15% discount Unlocator coupon code to save you money on your purchase.

UnLocator Coupon

How To Sign Up For Unlocator?

The first step in getting your Unlocator discount is to sign up for a free trial. This is a great idea as it’s completely free and gives you the chance to see for yourself how good the service is.

You don’t even need to enter a credit card at this stage. Unlocator’s trial is completely risk free and very simple to sign up for:

  • First, go to the signup link
  • Now, enter your email address
  • Choose a password (remember to combine upper and lowercase letters with numbers for maximum security)
  • Check the box to accept the Unlocator terms of service
  • Click create free account

And you’re done! You are now signed up for Unlocator and can try the service free for yourself.

How To Make The Biggest Savings On Unlocator

When you sign up for Unlocator you are taken to your account home dashboard.

At the time of writing, new subscribers get 50% off a year’s paid package if you sign up within the first four days of your free trial. Don’t miss out on this special time limited offer!

With our unlocator coupon code you can save an extra $29.75 on top of that.

That’s why we recommend that you give Unlocator a try and proceed to paid account sign up within four days for the maximum saving.

How To Sign Up And Claim Your Unlocator Coupon Code?

Claiming your discount couldn’t be easier:

  • When you log in to your Unlocator account, you will see a special discount notice with a link to upgrade. Alternatively, you can simply go to https://unlocator.com/account/signup.
  • Now choose your package. You can pay monthly for $4.95 a month. Or, you can get a six month subscription for $27.50. That’s a saving of 7%. However, we strongly recommend signing up for a year. Yearly accounts are currently on sale for just $37.46, plus you can can save an extra 15% when you use our exclusive unlocator coupon code.
  • Click the radio button to highlight “my choice” for your desired package.
  • Now choose your payment method. You can choose from several different credit cards (Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Discover, Delta or Diners Club International), Dankort, BitCoin, SoFort or IDeal.
  • Underneath payment options, fill out your address details.
  • You will see your total, and underneath that a coupon code box. Enter smartdnsfan in this box and hit return or enter.
  • A dialog box will appear to let you know your coupon has been applied.
  • Click the check box to agree to the Unlocator terms of use.
  • Click “go to secure payment.”
  • Now fill out all your payment details.

And you’re done! You can now use Unlocator to access all your favorite steaming services.

How Does Unlocator Work?

Every time you go online, your device connects using your IP address, which it uses to communicate with and connect to the websites of your choice.

Usually, the connection is made using the IP assigned by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Your IP lets the website know where in the world you are connecting from.

The problem with this is that some streaming services don’t allow IPs from certain locations.

For example, the TV and movie streaming service Hulu isn’t available in the UK.

Unlocator hides your IP from geographic detection systems. That means websites can’t see your real location, and cannot block you because of it.

How Is Unlocator Different From A VPN?

A VPN (virtual private server) is used to mask your IP and boost security while using the internet. Unlocator is specifically focused on clearing geographic blocks.

As such, Unlocator only redirects traffic that is in charge of detecting where in the world you are.

Because of this Unlocator is faster than many traditional VPNs. It also means that services that need to see your location, like your online banking service for example, can still see where you are.

What Can I Unblock With Unlocator?

A better question might be what can’t you unblock with Unlocator!

The service allows you to unblock over 200 (you read that right) different channels. Now you can enjoy:

  • TV and movies on demand thanks to an astonishing list of streaming services that are ready to be unblocked. These include Hulu, PBS, Marvel, Nick, Starzplay, Sundance TV, BBC, ITV, Watch Disney, SyFy, Showtime, iFlix, Bravo TV and more!
  • News services and documentaries from around the world. You can now tune in to BBC America, Fox, CNN Go, Discovery, ABC News and much more!
  • The music you want, when you want it, thanks to unblocked access to Absolute Radio, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Pandora, Spotify, Vevo and more.
  • All the latest sports action from MLB.TV, NBA League Pass, BT Sport, Fox Sports Go, ESPN, NHL TV, WWE Network and more!

Enjoy streaming services on your favorite devices like never before. Unlocator strips away geographic blocks and leaves you free to enjoy your favorite content with no restrictions.

Which Devices Can I Use With Unlocator?

Unlocator works with all the most popular devices. You can use Unlocator on your PC or laptop. If you’re out and about you’ll be glad to know Unlocator also works with Android devices, iPhones, iPads and smart phones.

You can also use Unlocator on your Smart TV or gaming console. Basically, wherever you access, you can use Unlocator on your device.

Unlocator works with mobile internet, but you will need to go through their Smart VPN service. This is because some situations don’t allow you to access Unlocator’s service through their usual DNS.

For example out and about in cafes or airports, while staying in a hotel, or if your ISP participates in DNS hijacking.

Log into your account and go to your account home page. You’ll see a tab labeled “Smart VPN”.

Here you’ll find instructions on how to use Smart VPN on any type of device.

You won’t pay any extra and you won’t notice any reduction in speed – but you will notice a more open internet, no matter where you’re connecting from!

How Many Devices Can I Use With Unlocator?

Unlocator doesn’t place any limits on how many devices you can use with the service.

So long as the devices are all connected to the same internet connection, you can use as many as you like.

So if you’re at home and you want to relax and watch the news on your tablet, while your kid is streaming a movie in their room and your spouse is catching up on their favorite show in the den, that’s no problem.

If you want to enjoy all the shows, movies and entertainment the internet has to offer, Unlocator is the perfect choice.

Every purchase comes with a fourteen day money back guarantee so you can buy with confidence, so why not give it a try today?

Remember to enter unlocator coupon code “XXXX******” at the checkout to save an extra 50% on your purchase.

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