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Private Internet Access is one of the top providers of VPN services, which allow you to browse anonymously on the web. They offer a range of different monthly and annual packages, which come with a 7-day money back guarantee.

Private Internet Access provides state of the art, multi-layered security and advanced privacy protection using VPN tunneling. Their services are designed in way that they use the in-built tech in your pre-existing in your computers and smartphones.

Their services operate at the TCP/IP interface level. This simply means that apart from your web browser, all your applications will also be secured.

Let us know more about its Free 30-day Trial

Like most VPN providers Private Internet Access also has a refund policy, which extends up to 7 days from the start. You have to pay up-front first. You can always have the money back later if don’t feel the service suits you.

  • The refund must be requested within 7 days from the order date
  • The refund can vary in amount as currency exchange is often involved

Private Internet Access is very popular as it comes from the trusted house of London Trust Media, which has other respected communities like Reddit VPN.

Private Internet Access uses its technologies to guard your Internet experience from all those who try to gain access to your information. These include hackers, firms, marketing institutions and advertising agents.

The free 7-day trial allows you to use all its features and if you are satisfied then, the service will continue.

Private Internet Access comes with some power packed features. Here are some:

They have IP cloaks that mask your real IP Address with one of their anonymous addresses. This keeps websites and Internet services from tracking your browsing habits, monitoring what you search for and discover your physical location. Your original IP address is substituted by a new one, which will scramble such information.

Stay safe even at unsafe locations like public Wi-Fi Hotspots

If you surf the internet at public Wi-Fi hotspots, shared internet routers or for that matter, anywhere, your personal information and surfing patterns might be at a risk.

With Private Internet Access, this will not happen. They use a high-grade encryption based on the cryptographically secure Blowfish CBC algorithm. Coupled with the OpenVPN protocol, it is perfectly able to secure your data transmissions.

Advanced Firewall Support

The Private Internet Access program comes with integrated Firewall and filtering capabilities of the Netfilter Project. This allows you to never face any unwanted connections to your computer or smartphone. Private Internet Access takes multiple steps to ensure that you have optimal performance and keepsall the network intrusions out.

Anonymous browsing is becoming an increasingly important tool these days. It prevents data mining and keeps your identity secret. Websites today are able to track your spending patterns and often try to gain access to your personal information. Therefore, keeping your identity hidden is kind of becoming a big deal.


You can get the entire suite of Private Internet Access at $6.95/month. But if you go for the annual plan, then you save 52%. You also save 14% if you go for the 6-month plan at $35.95.

I personally think that the annual plan is best as you get huge savings. The risk is also quite less as you can always get a full refund within 7 days. I believe a week should be enough to let you decide whether the program is good for you or not.

Private Internet Access has over 3100 servers in 24 countries. That means it is quite accessible. It also supports various forms of payments.

Some other features:

It is compatible with most systems like Windows, MAC and mobile platforms.

With Private Internet Access you also get additional benefits. For instance, you can get unrestricted and uncensored access to the complete Internet. Their services bypass those provided by your ISP and go through the censorships and firewalls imposed by them. The Swiss gateways they have provide the strongest levels of privacy.

I believe that the Private Internet Access 7-day free trial is worth trying. You can use all the features and decide whether you want to use it or not. So what do you say? Want to download it now? visit private internet access official site!

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