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You might be wondering if GetFlix offers coupon code?

The bad news is that they don’t – so if you find a GetFlix coupon online, don’t use it. It’s a fake and won’t save you any money.

However we do have good news – all you need to do is use our official GetFlix discount link and you can save up to 54% on your GetFlix purchase today!

No need to waste time looking for coupons. You can make savings right now with just a click.

Which GetFlix Package Do I Need?

Getflix Promo Code

GetFlix offers 5 packages:

  • 1 month for $4.95
  • 3 months for $12.95 – that’s a saving of 13%!
  • 6 months for $22.95 – that’s a saving of 23%!
  • 12 months for $39.90 – that’s a saving of 33%!
  • 24 months for $54.90 – that’s a saving of 54%!

We highly recommend getting the 24 month package. You’ll get GetFlix’s powerful service for two whole years and make a saving of more than half price too!

Are you wondering if GetFlix is right for you?

Then you can sign up for a 14 day free trial with no risk and no obligation. We recommend trying GetFlix out and then signing up for a 24 month package so you can save the most money.

If you change your mind after the free trial, don’t worry – you can cancel your GetFlix subscription at any time, no questions asked.

Your contract will simply end at the end of your current payment month and you’ll never have to pay another penny.

With a free trial, great savings and a risk free cancelation policy, why not get started today?

How Do I Save Money On My GetFlix Purchase?

Saving money on your GetFlix purchase is so easy. All you have to do is follow this official link to save money on your purchase.

Now follow these easy steps:

  • Every purchase starts with a free trial – to access this click the blue “Signup Now” button underneath the list of packages
  • Enter your email address and click “signup”, or click one of the buttons to sign up with Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, or Windows Live ID
  • Now enter your billing address and personal details
  • Finally enter your payment details – you can pay using any major credit card using GetFlix’s secure payment gateway

“This content is not available in your country.”

Is there any phrase more frustrating when all you want to do is catch up on your favorite show or enjoy some new music?

For web users in Australia and New Zealand, trying to access entertainment from other countries can be really frustration.

Geographic blocks mean that not only do you not get to see the content you wanted, you also wasted time searching for it only to find it’s not available!

GetFlix (yes, we love the play on Netflix name too) makes geographical blocks a thing of the past, opening up a whole world of TV, movies, and music to users in Australia, New Zealand, and around the globe.

How Does GetFlix Work?

Every time you visit a website, that website takes note of your IP address so it knows where you are visiting from.

That causes a problem for you if you are based in Australia or New Zealand, for example, but you want to access online streaming content such as movies or shows that are only available in the USA or UK.

GetFlix gives you a quick, easy, secure workaround by rerouting your traffic to their USA-based DNS servers.

The result is that the website you’re visiting sees GetFlix’s USA IP address and assumes that you are connecting from within the United States.

It lets you access content available only to viewers in the US so now you can catch up on your favorite shows and movies no matter where in the world you are located.

How Is GetFlix Different Than A VPN?

GetFlix is a smart DNS service. You might be wondering how that is different to the more commonly known VPN (virtual private network) services that so many companies offer.

The answer is simple: A smart DNS works by only re-routing some of your internet traffic. That makes it faster than many VPN services, although it does not offer encryption.

But don’t worry – if you are worried about your privacy online, you’ll be glad to know that every GetFlix account comes with a free, optional VPN service too.

However for the purposes of streaming content, GetFlix’s smart DNS service is exactly what you need.

Which Channels Can I View With GetFlix?

GetFlix gives you access to an impressive range of popular channels, including: Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, FandangoNOW, Crackle, Flixster, ABC, ABC News, ABC Family, CBS, NBC, CNBC, CNN Go, FOX Now, PBS, HBO GO, HBO NOW, Max Go, Showtime, Disney Movies Anywhere, The Natural History Channel, Food Network, Starz Play, BBC, MTV, and many many more!

You can also access popular online music channels, including Rhapsody, Songza, Pandora and more.

Which Devices Can I Use GetFlix On?

GetFlix was designed to work with a wide range of devices, so no matter how you prefer to watch your favorite content, your device is covered. GetFlix works with:

  • Web browsers
  • iOS devices
  • Apple TV
  • Android devices
  • Roku
  • Game consoles
  • Smart TVs

With such a wide range of devices available, you’ll be able to hook up GetFlix on your favorite device.

Whether you want to enjoy all the content you could want at home, in your family room or den, or on the go with your smart phone or tablet, GetFlix has you covered.

Free Highly Secure VPN With Every GetFlix Purchase

GetFlix’s smart DNS protocols are perfect for viewing your favorite content any where, any time, on any device.

However, DNS isn’t encrypted the same way a VPN is. It’s 100% safe for viewing and streaming content, but what about if you need a little more security for shopping, browsing, or banking?

The good news is, GetFlix has you covered there, too. Every GetFlix account comes with a free highly secure VPN service that you can use to browse the internet in safety.

VPN works by providing you with your own private tunnel so you can connect to the internet safely and be completely unseen.

That keeps you safe from hackers, spies, the government, your IP provider, your employer or anyone else who wants to spy on you or send you malware.

GetFlix’s VPN service is highly encrypted and completely secure. Your IP address and your personal details are completely hidden, so no matter where you are online, you know you’re safe.

Even better, GetFlix Full VPN offers unlimited speed and bandwidth, so you never have to worry about your connection being throttled, or running out of bandwidth in the middle of your browsing session.

GetFlix’s VPN service also makes it safe for you to use public WiFi hot spots without any fear of being spied on or having your information stolen.

It works on any PC, Mac or mobile operating system, so no matter how you connect to the internet, GetFlix VPN keeps you safe.

And remember, GetFlix VPN is completely FREE with every GetFlix purchase.

More Reasons To Love GetFlix

There are so many reasons to love GetFlix:

  • Unlimited streaming and bandwidth
  • No logs are kept, ever, so you know your personal information will stay private
  • Gives you access to over 200 TV channels
  • Easy to use – no downloads or complex instructions – get started and use the service straight away with ease
  • Fast and friendly support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Straightforward no-quibble cancelation at any time

If you want to enjoy all your favorite movies, shows, documentaries, music and more with no restrictions, sign up for GetFlix today.

Don’t forget to use our official discount link to save up to 54% on your purchase.

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