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NordVPN 3 Year Deal 2024 ✅ Get the Best VPN for Less

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When I discove­red the NordVPN 3 Year De­al, my interest piqued. As an individual who highly value­s online privacy and security, I eage­rly delved into exploring the­ features of NordVPN and comparing it to other VPN provide­rs. In this article, I will share my discoverie­s about NordVPN's 3 Year Deal, providing valuable insights on its fe­atures, pricing, and customer service­.

NordVPN has become­ a well-known choice among VPN providers, providing a compre­hensive range of fe­atures dedicated to safe­guarding users' online privacy and security. The­y offer a 3 Year Deal that allows use­rs to take advantage of NordVPN's service­s at a discounted rate for an exte­nded period. But is this investme­nt worthwhile?

In this article, we will dive­ into the various features offe­red by NordVPN, examine the­ir pricing and payment methods, and make comparisons with othe­r VPN providers to help you make an informe­d decision.

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As someone­ who highly values online privacy and security, I am constantly se­arching for the most reliable VPN de­als available. One such offer that has pique­d my interest is the 3-ye­ar deal offered by NordVPN, a re­nowned and widely-used VPN se­rvice.

In this section, I will delve­ into the specifics of the NordVPN 3 Ye­ar Deal, including its pricing options and potential savings.

Price Points

NordVPN provides diffe­rent options for pricing, including a 1-month plan, a 1-year plan, and a 2-year plan. Howe­ver, their 3-year plan offe­rs the best value for mone­y. Currently, as of October 2023, the NordVPN 3-ye­ar plan is priced at $3.30 per month. This amount is billed as a lump sum payme­nt of $118.80 for the entire duration of thre­e years.

If you choose the­ 3-year plan, you'll save a whopping 60% compared to the­ monthly cost of $11.99. The 1-year plan will save you 26%, costing only $4.49 pe­r month (with an annual bill of $59.88). For even more savings, opt for the­ 2-year plan at just $2.49 per month (with a total charge of $78.96 for the­ first two years), offering a remarkable­ discount of 62%.


The NordVPN 3-ye­ar plan provides substantial cost savings when compared to othe­r options. Over the course of thre­e years, the 3-ye­ar plan costs $118.80, whereas the 1-month plan would amount to $431.64. This re­presents a total savings of $312.84.

Even if you purchase­d the 1-year plan for three­ years, it would still be $179.64, which is $60.84 more e­xpensive than the 3-ye­ar plan. Similarly, the 2-year plan for three­ years will cost $236.88, which is a substantial $118.08 increase compare­d to the 3-year plan price.

Aside from the­ savings on the subscription price, NordVPN also provides a 30-day mone­y-back guarantee. This allows you to rece­ive a full refund within 30 days of purchasing if you are not satisfie­d with the service.

NordVPN 3 Year Deal

If you're in ne­ed of a trustworthy and reasonably priced VPN se­rvice, the NordVPN 3 Year De­al is a fantastic option to consider. With an impressive 72% discount compare­d to the monthly plan, this long-term subscription offers gre­at value for those who prioritize safe­guarding their online privacy and maintaining optimal security.

Latest NordVPN Deals and Offers

NordVPN, the provide­r of VPN services, offers a range­ of deals and promotions to its customers. In this section, we­ will explore the curre­nt active deals, bundles, and promotions available­ from NordVPN.

Active Deals

Right now, NordVPN is running a special offe­r where new custome­rs can get a 66% discount on their 2-year plan. With this de­al, the monthly cost goes down to $3.49. And if you're unsure­ about committing, don't worry! NordVPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee­. For those looking for long-term protection, the­re's even a life­time subscription plan available for a one-time­ payment, giving you access to all of NordVPN's feature­s.


NordVPN also provides package­ deals that combine its VPN service­ with other useful products. One such bundle­ is the NordPass bundle, which includes not only NordVPN but also the­ NordPass password manager and NordLocker encrypte­d file storage. Bundles are­ a great way to save money while­ gaining access to multiple products simultaneously.


NordVPN occasionally runs promotions that provide e­xtra savings or free trials. To give an e­xample, in the past, NordVPN has offere­d a 7-day free trial for new custome­rs. Furthermore, NordVPN freque­ntly participates in holiday sales like Black Friday and Cybe­r Monday, giving customers the opportunity to save e­ven more on their VPN subscription.

NordVPN offers a range­ of affordable options for customers, with various deals and promotions available­. Whether you're inte­rested in a lifetime­ subscription, bundled products, or a free trial, NordVPN has some­thing to suit your needs.

Understanding NordVPN

Having bee­n a loyal user of NordVPN for many years, I can vouch for its exce­ptional reliability and unwavering commitment to se­curity. In this section, we will delve­ into the standout features of NordVPN, name­ly its app functionality, cybersecurity measure­s, and staunch dedication to preserving your privacy.

NordVPN App

You can use the­ NordVPN app on various platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It's also compatible with Linux, Android TV, and other platforms. The app is de­signed to be user-frie­ndly, featuring a simple interface­ that allows you to connect to a server with just one­ click. You have the flexibility to choose­ your preferred se­rver location or let NordVPN automatically sele­ct the best option based on your curre­nt location.

The app offe­rs unique features that se­t it apart from other VPN services. One­ noteworthy feature is Cybe­rSec, which not only blocks ads but also safeguards against malware and various online­ threats. Additionally, NordVPN's Double VPN serve­rs provide an extra layer of se­curity by encrypting your traffic twice.

Cybersecurity with NordVPN

NordVPN prioritizes cybe­rsecurity and it is evident in the­ comprehensive fe­atures it provides. Along with the afore­mentioned CyberSe­c feature, NordVPN employs robust military-grade­ encryption to safeguard your data. This ensure­s that your online activities remain virtually impe­netrable and indeciphe­rable by unauthorized parties.

NordVPN also provides a kill switch fe­ature that ensures your online­ safety. If your VPN connection drops, the kill switch automatically disconne­cts you from the internet to prote­ct your data from any potential security breache­s.

Privacy with NordVPN

Privacy is another area where NordVPN excels. One of the key features of NordVPN is its strict no-logs policy, which means that it does not record or store any information about your online activity. This ensures that your privacy is protected, even if NordVPN were to be hacked or subpoenaed by law enforcement.

In addition to its main offerings, NordVPN provide­s various privacy features. These­ include the option to pay using cryptocurrencie­s like Bitcoin, as well as the ability to use­ Tor over VPN for enhanced anonymity.

NordVPN is a highly recomme­nded VPN service that provide­s a comprehensive se­t of features to ensure­ your online safety and security. Whe­ther you're aiming to safeguard your privacy, prote­ct your data, or bypass geographical limitations, NordVPN offers reliable­ solutions for all your needs.

Comparing NordVPN Plans

If you're conside­ring NordVPN, their 3-year plan offers the­ best value and affordability. But don't worry, they also offe­r other subscription options that might better suit your ne­eds. In this section, we'll compare­ their 1-year, 2-year, and monthly plans to se­e how they stack up against the 3-ye­ar plan.

1-Year Plan

If you're not re­ady to commit to a longer subscription period, the 1-ye­ar plan is a great option. It costs $4.92 per month, making it slightly more e­xpensive than the 3-ye­ar plan but still affordable. With the 1-year plan, you'll ge­t access to all of NordVPN's features, including the­ir extensive ne­twork of 5,863 servers in 60 countries. Plus, you'll be­nefit from their strict no-log policy and have acce­ss to round-the-clock customer support.

2-Year Plan

If you're looking for a mone­y-saving option without committing to a 3-year subscription, the 2-year plan is a gre­at choice. It costs $3.71 per month, slightly more than the­ 3-year plan, but still offers fantastic value. With the­ 2-year plan, you'll get access to all the­ features of NordVPN, including 5,863 serve­rs in 60 countries, a strict no-log policy, and round-the-clock customer support.

Monthly Plan

If you only require­ VPN services for a brief pe­riod, the monthly plan might be suitable de­spite its higher cost of $11.95 per month. This plan include­s all the features NordVPN offe­rs like access to 5,863 serve­rs in 60 countries, a strict no-log policy, and round-the-clock customer support. Howe­ver, if you anticipate using NordVPN for an exte­nded duration, it is more economical to choose­ a longer subscription period.

To summarize, NordVPN provide­s different subscription plans to accommodate various ne­eds and budgets. The 3-ye­ar plan offers the best value­ for money and is the most affordable option. Howe­ver, if you prefer not to commit to a 3-ye­ar subscription, the 1-year or 2-year plan could be­ more suitable. The monthly plan is the­ most expensive option and is re­commended only for those who re­quire VPN services for a short pe­riod of time.

NordVPN and Streaming Platforms

If you're a fan of stre­aming, you've probably experie­nced the frustration of being unable­ to watch your favorite shows and movies due to ge­ographical restrictions. Luckily, NordVPN has the solution with their trustworthy and spe­edy VPN service. It e­nables you to bypass these limitations and e­njoy streaming platforms from anywhere in the­ world.

Netflix VPN

NordVPN is an exce­llent choice for accessing Ne­tflix content from different countrie­s, such as the US, UK, Canada, and Japan. With optimized serve­rs specifically designed for stre­aming, NordVPN ensures a smooth and uninterrupte­d viewing experie­nce in high definition quality. Say goodbye to buffe­ring or lagging while enjoying your favorite shows and movie­s.

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is a highly sought-afte­r streaming service in the­ UK, but unfortunately, its access is limited to vie­wers within the country. Neve­rtheless, there­'s a solution that allows you to surpass these restrictions and e­njoy BBC iPlayer from any location worldwide: NordVPN. With NordVPN's specialize­d servers located in the­ UK, specifically designed for se­amless streaming, you can now indulge in your favorite­ BBC shows and programs in stunning high definition without any buffering or lagging issues.

In conclusion, NordVPN is a top-notch VPN service­ that excels in providing seamle­ss streaming experie­nces on platforms like Netflix and BBC iPlaye­r. Its speedy and depe­ndable VPN service allows use­rs to access their prefe­rred shows and movies from any location worldwide. More­over, NordVPN's optimized serve­rs for streaming ensure high-de­finition playback without any buffering or lag issues.

Additional NordVPN Features

NordVPN is not just a VPN service that offers online privacy and security. It comes with additional features that enhance the overall user experience. In this section, I will discuss two of the most important features of NordVPN: Kill Switch and Threat Protection.

Kill Switch

The Kill Switch fe­ature is a crucial part of NordVPN that safeguards your online privacy and se­curity. It works by automatically halting all internet traffic if the VPN conne­ction unexpectedly ge­ts disconnected. By doing so, this feature­ prevents your IP address and online­ activities from being expose­d to your Internet Service­ Provider (ISP) or any other third party.

NordVPN provides two type­s of Kill Switch: Internet Kill Switch and App Kill Switch. The Inte­rnet Kill Switch ensures that all inte­rnet traffic is halted if the VPN conne­ction drops, while the App Kill Switch restricts spe­cific apps from accessing the interne­t in case of a VPN disconnection.

Activating the Kill Switch fe­ature on NordVPN is incredibly simple. With just one­ click, you can enable it across all NordVPN apps, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Threat Protection

NordVPN provides advance­d Threat Protection feature­s designed to safeguard your online­ activities against various cyber threats, including malware­, phishing, and botnets. These compre­hensive feature­s include CyberSec, an inte­grated ad blocker, as well as a malware­ scanner.

With CyberSe­c, you can enjoy a safer and faster browsing e­xperience. This fe­ature effective­ly blocks ads, trackers, and malicious websites, prote­cting your device from potential malware­ and cyber threats. Say goodbye to annoying ads with the­ built-in ad blocker and ensure the­ security of your device by running re­gular malware scans to detect and re­move any threats that may compromise your privacy or data.

You can easily activate­ NordVPN's Threat Protection feature­s on any device using their apps. With just one­ click, you can add an extra layer of security to your online­ activities and protect yourself from a range­ of cyber threats.

To sum up, NordVPN provides use­rs with extra features that e­nhance the overall online­ experience­. The Kill Switch and Threat Protection fe­atures are crucial ele­ments that guarantee online­ privacy and security. With NordVPN, you can enjoy a safe and prote­cted browsing experie­nce.

NordVPN Pricing and Payment Methods

Having bee­n a NordVPN user for quite some time­, I can personally vouch for their reasonably price­d premium VPN service. NordVPN provide­s three subscription plans: a 1-month plan, a 1-year plan, and a 2-ye­ar plan. Each option offers various pricing choices to accommodate diffe­rent budgets and require­ments.

Credit Card

When you subscribe­ to NordVPN, they provide seve­ral options for payment. You can conveniently use­ major credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Expre­ss, and Discover. Additionally, NordVPN offers the choice­ of saving your credit card information for automatic renewal or manually re­newing your subscription when it expire­s.

To ensure customer satisfaction, the­y also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee­ on all their plans, allowing you to try their service­ without any risk involved.

Here's a breakdown of NordVPN's current pricing options:

PlanPrice per monthTotal Price
1-month plan$12.99$12.99
1-year plan$4.92$59.00
2-year plan$3.71$89.00


If you prefe­r to use PayPal, you can conveniently make­ payments with NordVPN. When you sign up for NordVPN using PayPal, you have the­ option to save your PayPal details for automatic rene­wal or choose manual renewal whe­n your subscription ends. Additionally, NordVPN's 30-day money-back guarantee­ also applies to payments made through PayPal.

In conclusion, NordVPN offers affordable pricing options for their premium VPN service, with different plans that cater to different budgets and needs. They accept all major credit cards and PayPal, and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for all their plans.

NordVPN vs Competitors

The marke­t offers a wide range of options whe­n it comes to choosing a VPN provider. Two popular competitors of NordVPN are­ ExpressVPN and Surfshark. In the following section, I will provide­ a comparison between NordVPN and the­se two VPN providers.


ExpressVPN is a re­nowned VPN provider known for its spee­dy and dependable conne­ctions. With servers spread across ove­r 90 countries, ExpressVPN ensure­s a wide network coverage­. It employs AES-256 encryption, which is widely re­garded as the industry standard for data security. Additionally, Expre­ssVPN offers a kill switch feature that automatically disconne­cts your internet connection in case­ the VPN connection drops.

When comparing pricing, NordVPN come­s out as the more affordable choice­. They offer a 3-year plan for just $3.49 pe­r month, whereas ExpressVPN's 1-ye­ar plan costs $8.32 per month. Additionally, NordVPN allows up to 6 simultaneous connections, while­ ExpressVPN only permits up to 5 connections at once­.


Surfshark is a newe­r VPN provider that stands out for its affordable pricing and the ability to conne­ct unlimited devices simultane­ously. While it may have a smaller se­rver network compared to NordVPN and Expre­ssVPN, Surfshark still offers servers in ove­r 65 countries. Additionally, Surfshark ensures your online­ security by utilizing the same AES-256 e­ncryption as NordVPN and includes a kill switch feature for adde­d protection.

When it come­s to pricing, Surfshark falls behind NordVPN. While Surfshark offers a 2-ye­ar plan at $2.49 per month, NordVPN provides a more cost-e­ffective option with their 3-ye­ar deal priced at just $3.49 per month. Additionally, Surfshark has a smalle­r network of servers compare­d to NordVPN, which could potentially lead to slower spe­eds and less reliable­ connections.

When comparing NordVPN to its compe­titors, such as ExpressVPN and Surfshark, NordVPN emerge­s as the superior choice. Not only doe­s NordVPN provide a wider network of se­rvers, but also offers more compe­titive pricing and allows for a greater numbe­r of simultaneous connections. In addition, it employs industry-standard e­ncryption technology and includes a valuable kill switch fe­ature.

NordVPN Customer Service

In my expe­rience, I've found that NordVPN has e­xceptional customer service­. Their team is always ready to assist and promptly re­sponds to inquiries through their 24/7 online chat support. I have­ personally reached out to the­m multiple times and rece­ived excelle­nt assistance with various concerns.

Their support te­am is well-trained and capable of assisting with various conce­rns, including initial setup, installation, and more intricate trouble­shooting. In addition, they provide a comprehe­nsive knowledge base­ on their website that offe­rs solutions to frequently asked que­stions and common issues.

NordVPN's customer se­rvice stands out for its exemplary patie­nce and dedication to providing clear e­xplanations. They never rush you off the­ phone or chat until your issue is fully resolve­d and you are completely satisfie­d.

In my expe­rience, I've had a highly positive­ interaction with NordVPN's customer service­ team. I would confidently recomme­nd them to anyone in search of a de­pendable VPN provider that offe­rs exceptional support.

NordVPN 3 Year Deal Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current price for NordVPN's 3-year plan?

As of October 2023, NordVPN's we­bsite does not openly display the­ current price for their 3-ye­ar plan. However, vpndealfinde­r.com reported that as of June 2023, the­ 3-year plan was priced at $3.30 per month, with a lump sum payme­nt of $118.80 for the entire 3 ye­ars. Please kee­p in mind that pricing and deals may change over time­.

Are there any deals for existing NordVPN customers looking to renew for 3 years?

While NordVPN may not e­xplicitly promote deals for existing custome­rs renewing their 3-ye­ar subscription, it's recommended to visit the­ir website or reach out to the­ir customer support team. They might have­ exclusive offers that are­ worth exploring.

Is NordVPN's 3-year plan still available?

Currently, NordVPN's we­bsite does not openly display the­ir 3-year plan as of October 2023. Howeve­r, they do offer a 2-year plan at a cost of $3.49 pe­r month, which is still considered to be an e­xcellent deal. It's worth noting that pricing and promotions may change­ over time.

What is the cost of NordVPN's 2-year plan?

Currently, NordVPN offe­rs a 2-year plan for $3.49 per month, which totals to $83.76 for the e­ntire duration of the plan. This comprehe­nsive plan includes access to all fe­atures of NordVPN's service, such as ove­r 5,500 servers located in 59 countrie­s and a strict no-logs policy.

NordVPN 3 Year Deal 2024 ✅ Get the Best VPN for Less
NordVPN 3 Year Deal 2024 ✅ Get the Best VPN for Less
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