VyprVPN Free Trial Account Hacks: Maximize Your VPN Experience Without Paying a Dime

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Are you looking to enjoy a top-notch VPN experience without breaking the bank? Discover the secrets of VyprVPN Free Trial Account Hacks and maximize your VPN experience without paying a dime. In this guide, we'll reveal the ins and outs of leveraging VyprVPN's free trial to unlock premium features, bypass geo-restrictions, and protect your privacy.

Get ready to revolutionize your internet browsing with unrestricted access, enhanced security, and complete anonymity, all while keeping your wallet intact.

How to claim VyprVPN Free Trial? (Mobile and Desktop)

Here you will get to know how to get a VyprVPN trial on Mobile (both Andriod and iOS) and Desktop. 

Step By Step Guide To avail VprVPN Free Trial For Mobile:

Step 1- Open Google Play Store on your android mobile and search VyprVPN. 

Step 2- Now on your mobile screen select the VyprVPN and click on install, then wait for installation and open the app. 

Step 3- On the next step click on Sign Up and create your account by fill in your Email and password. 

Step 4- Now choose the monthly subscription plan and add a payment method and click on Start VyprVPN Free Trial. 

Now you are ready to use VyprVPN free trial for 3 days.
To avoid being charged, cancel your subscription before the VyprVPN free trial ends. 

Step By Step Guide To avail Free Trial For IOS Users:

Step 1- On your IOS mobile go to App Store and search VyprVPN and click on Get and install the app. 

Step 2- Now open the app and create your account and tap on sign up. 

Step 3- In the next step, you need to choose your plan and complete the payment method by filling in your payment information. 

Step 4- As you complete your payment information tap on Start Trial. 

Following these steps, you will get 3 days of a VyprVPN free trial. 

Steps to getting VyprVPN Free trial on Desktop

1. Visit VyprVPN’s official website and click on buy now. 

2. Now choose the pricing plan and create your account and fill in your payment details. 

3. Now you are eligible to use VyprVPN but you can use it for 30 days for free because it offers 30 days of the money-back guarantee. 

You need to cancel your subscription before 30 days.
In this way, you can use VyprVPN free Trial Account for 30 days. 

How To Cancel My Subscription and Get 30 Days Of Money Back Guarantee: 

If you don’t feel that 3 days of trial is not enough for you to test its service and features then you can opt for its risk-free money-back guarantee option. 

This is the best deal for those who want to use VyprVPN free Trial Account for 30 days.

To get a full refund you need to contact its customer support team, they will refund your full money within 7 business days and no questions were asked. 

Here are some steps to get a money-back guarantee:

1.  Visit the VyprVPN homepage and click on buy now. 

2. Choose the subscription plan according to your need, then create your account and enter your payment details. 

Note: We recommend you to go with one monthly plan because it is cheaper than other plans. 

3. Now you are eligible to use VyprVPN free Trial Account for 30 days.
To avoid being charged you need to cancel your subscription before it ends. 

4. Now you need to visit the Customer Support team of VyprVPN. 

5. Now you will interact with the customer agent where you need to request for refund. 

6. Now your request for a money-back guarantee will be processed and your money will be refunded in 7 business working days. 

How to Install VyprVPN on Desktop? 

Follow these steps to get install VyprVPN on the Desktop: 

1. On your PC open your browser and visit the VyprVPN official page. 

2. Now click on the VPN app and select the window or any other device you have.

3. Now click on download and install the app on your pc.

If you are a Chrome user go to the VyprVPN home page and click on the VPN app, as you reach the next page select the Chrome option now you will redirect to VyprVPN secure Chrome web store and click on Add to chrome.
These are the steps to get VyprVPN on your desktop. 

VyprVPN : In a Nutshell 

VyprVPN is one of the best and trusted Virtual Private Network services providers which was developed by Switzerland-based company Golden Frog GmbH in the year 2009. Vypr VPN provides the best quality of VPN services that protect your data, it is pretty good in terms of privacy and security.In terms of performance, VyprVPN is consistent as compared to other Virtual Network Providers. 

VyprVPN offers fast speed to its network for more than 700 networks in 70+ countries like the U.S, Germany, France, and many more, connections are stable in all my tests. 

One of the best features offered by VyprVPN is Chameleon Protocol.
With this technology you can get access to blocked sites, apps, and streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and many more. So it's no doubt that VyprVPN is a trusted and reliable VPN service provider. 

VyprVPN Features:

VyprVPN offers lots of cool and easy-to-use features. Let’s dive in. 

Chameleon Protocol:

This is the best feature of VyprVPN which helps you to get access to restricted websites and streaming services.
This technology uses an unmodified OpenVPN 256 bit protocol for basic data encryption. 

The chameleon protocol is ideal for those who travel to countries that block their internet like Russia, China, Iran, India, and many more.

Chameleon is compatible with all devices such as Android, IOS, Windows, and Mac. 


They developed features zero-knowledge VyprDNS service to increase security and privacy and beat the restricted service across the world. 

So if you are using VyprVPN with VyprDNS your DNS and data request to pass through an encrypted tunnel that defeats ‘man in the middle.
It also prevents DNS filtering where you can experience open internet. 

VyprVPN Cloud:

VyprVPN cloud feature is a user-friendly VPN service formation solution that offers you security and privacy whenever you access your cloud server. 

VyprVPN business cloud offers you a devoted business VPN server, which means you have full control over the entire bundle.
The business cloud offers you a secure access point that protects your internet connection. 

Kill Switch:

This kill switch is a feature which blocks or kills your internet connection when your VyprVPN is disabled or disconnected. Kill switch can be enabled in Mac and IOS only. 

When you are logged in to the VyprVPN kill switch will automatically start functioning.
VyprVPN will always take care of security and privacy, so if your connection is lost or interrupted there is a risk of having a data leak, in this case, the Kill switch blocks your connection during this time to secure your data. 


VPN is worth it when it works on all streaming sites, VyprVPN enables you to access all streaming sites which are geo-blocked by services like Netflix US, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, and many more. 

Simply, VyprVPN is well equipped with streaming sites; this means that your IP address is associated with a location of your server which VyprVPN is using. 

VyprVPN Pricing | Which Plan to Choose After VyprVPN Free Trial Account End?

VyprVPN offers a very cheap and reliable pricing plan to its users.
They offer three types of basic plans with a huge discount so that users can save a chunk of money. also you can grab Vyprvpn coupon code at VPN Start

36 Month Plan: 

This plan comes with $1.67 per month and can save up to 87% on it. This plan costs you $60 for 3 years. 

18 Month Plan

This plan costs you $2.50 per month and can save up to 81% on it. 

2 Month Plan

This plan comes with $6.47 per month and can save up to 50% on it. 

The above all three plan offers you unlimited bandwidth and access to all servers around the world. 

If you are still confused between these plans, you can go with the 36 Month Plan because it is cheaper than all other plans and offers a risk-free 30 days of money-back guarantee. 

Pros and Cons Of VyprVPN


  • All over the world servers. 
  • Easy to use. 
  • Allows multiple encryption protocols. 
  • Strong privacy and security features. 
  • Money-back guarantee. 
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Compatible for all devices


  • Allows only 5 simultaneous connections.
  • Limited support on Linux.


So, in conclusion, we can say VyprVPN offers full access during its first 30 days and is far better than other VPN service providers in comparison to its features and pricing. 

VyprVPN helps you to unblock all restricted websites and streaming sites and has many server locations.
It offers you very cheap and affordable pricing and comes with more powerful security features. 

So, we recommend you to use VyprVPN and I hope that this VyperVPN Free Trial article will solve all your doubts. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it necessary to use a credit card while making payments?

No, it is not that you should only use a credit card because VyprVPN accepts all types of debit cards and PayPal as a payment option. 

Is there any special sale offer available?

Yes, VyprVPN offers special sales where you can save up to 87%, but this is a limited-time offer so catch this before its end. 

How much does VyprVPN cost?

VyprVPN is much cheaper than other VPNs, it costs $1.67 per month only. 

Is VyprVPN safe to use?

Absolutely yes, it is safe to use VyprVPN because it offers advanced protocols like Wireguard and DNS to secure your privacy and data security.
Its no-log policy means that no third party can access or seek your data. 

Does VyprVPN work for Netflix?

Yes, with VyprVPN you can get access to all streaming services which includes Netflix and many more. 

is it Necessary to use credit card?

To activate the VyprVPN Free Trial offer, you must enter your credit card information at the checkout page.

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