Does HideMyAss Keep Logs?

HideMyAss Pro VPN turned to be a boon for all online businesses in the times of cybercrime, fraud, and misuse of valuable information and many others. So, in this time of distress HideMyAss has come to your rescue!
The roots of this company are in the U.K but provide its services of VPN and Web Proxy all over the globe and hence have acquired a customer base of over 1 million.

The most obvious question would now be opening all the windows of your brain struggling for an answer that what does this company exactly do???

Here is the simple answer – it provides all the services which protect online identities and anonymous traffic flow.

The Company boasts of millions of happy and satisfied client (because it provides solutions to all the type of security issues) base because of which its VPN packages are supported by 58000 IPS in roughly around 62 countries. Windows, iOS, Android or a simple Chrome browser help in accessing all those websites or content rich videos which otherwise had a limited access like Hulu, ABC, Disney.

This company knows the secret of sustaining in the market that is innovations and constantly updating every possible kind of software (Windows, iOS, Android or a simple Chrome browser) which other companies are failing in and hence being wiped off by this giant. Another advantage that’s working in the favor of the company is that multiple devices can be connected through a single username and password.

The common questions asked are the speed, bandwidth, server locations and whether the company keeps logs or not???

Any activity that is done over the internet gets recorded in the online activity logs. This is done to maintain the record of activity when one logs on the internet, but this information is not shared with anyone. Hence, the company gets a good rating as far as security of its client is concerned despite facing some legal issues that are it does keep a record of particular logs.

With this fact being revealed to its clients they feel cheated and exasperated.

Below is the say of the company on the legal requirements:

The company (in its defense) says that it is a giant company and hence has to abide by certain rules and laws so as to function without any disruptions. Political and legal formalities need to be looked after, and this all pushes them to keep a check on certain logs.

Further explaining HideMyAss says that maintain the security to a certain extent of all the logs they keep a track of by not watching the activities done by the clients (like the sites he visits etc.) but rather creates a time log wherein only the login and logout time are seen.

The privacy policy has all the rules of storing the logs, and it is the client’s responsibility of reading them before signing. Clients have questioned the company’s integrity, and the very purpose that it serves- the anonymity of the customer due to this policy and hence this policy has fetched a lot of criticism to the company.

The users must realize that in days of cyber crimes it is not only the clients that need security but also the company and therefore has to follow a particular set of rules and procedures. Though the company mentions it explicitly that it may store the log for up to two years but avoids doing that.

The purpose of keeping longer logs is to trace the IP address of the stolen credit card with which purchase and other transactions are being done. So the clients need to understand the company as the company understands the requirements of customers.

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