Is HideMyAss Safe to Use? – Don’t Buy Until you Read This

To many people’s mind, the question arises about the safety of HideMyAss. The question is not clear to answer explicitly as it hinges on your explanation of what you consider “safe.” It can be in reference of how payment is being handled to encryption or privacy procedures. So this way the answer logically relies upon your context.

How Safe Is Hidemyass?

HMA VPN encrypts your connection using 128-bit encryption. This way you will be able to protect all internet traffic between HMA VPN server and your device. This makes it difficult for anyone to peep into your connection even if you are using public Wi-Fi, in campus internet, company network, your personal mobile data or regular cable wire to get the network.

Is HideMyAss Safe

Some Facts Related To Privacy Offered By HMA VPN

As we have mentioned earlier that HMA VPN encrypts internet connection, and it shields us from inspection or data accumulation. Whenever you connect VPN to HMA pro-VPN then in that case VPN server will appoint you a shared IP address which later becomes your new identity to the web. The Web will see traffic coming to and from HMA VPN server and your device. This network allows you to remain unnamed without being able to link traffic straight away with your computer.

Is Hide My Ass a Safe

Restricted Content

Many networks do not permit using particular types of content by engaging firewall rules and filters.

Region Restricted Entertainment

Movies, music, tv shows, etc. are freely accessible online but only in particular geographic areas. If your IP address does not come under the area, then you cannot access the content. But HMA VPN has the maximum network availability and also provides a number of IP address all over the world. Therefore, most of the areas are covered under it, and we get a non-restricted network. It is considered to be the best choice to get access to region restricted entertainment. Getting connected with HMA VPN makes work easier by giving accessible network anywhere on the planet and enjoys the service.

Is safe?

Payment related Security and Safety

According to a review, the user had been using HMA VPN services since three years, and he didn’t face any problem. Also, we have not come across anybody facing any credit information leaked from HMA VPN. So this way HMA is safe if any payment is being done and secure to make business payments.

No Legal Problems using HMA VPN

It is a flawless network. If you want to subscribe any HMA VPN service no need to worry as it is a legal service provider. In fact, many companies/ schools/ government officials use HMA VPN for internal network usage.

Logs Stored by HMA VPN

HMA VPN logs your connect and disconnect them at times. They keep a track of the IP address, but they do not track what you are logged into or what you are doing if you get connected with them. The log which they behold is just to keep troublemakers away and also these logs give HMA to troubleshoot its services. Else they are not concerned much until you are using HMA for legal purposes. But in case you are looking forward to illegal activities, HMA won’t provide support then. They won’t give you anonymous identity.

Summary Of HMA Safety Feature

If you want a network service then, in that case, HMA VPN service provider is considered to be the best and safest in the market nowadays, and HideMyAss surely tops the list. It gives you a safe internet connection, unblock restricted content or anonymous online service or stream region restricted entertainment.

It provides services in many countries all over the world. It has maximum IP addresses as compared to any service provider in the world. It gives quality service with great speed and excellent safety and also gives the customer a good support all over the week.

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