PureVPN Review – Is this VPN Service Worth Buying?

PureVPN Review

The most obvious reason why people use VPN is because they want to hide their online presence and all the activities, which they perform. Your IP address is enough for the hackers to which they can figure out your email ID, your financial life, your full name, and all the data which you can imagine of. So you can make your online presence anonymous by changing your IP address using a VPN.

VPN Providers like PureVPN have providing such cloaking services globally. They allow you to access the content, which is blocked or restricted by their country; they provide security to you when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi or hotspot. Even your own Internet ISP’s can look at all your online activities; they can get to know about you in real-time. All this information is used to make your online experience better, with the use of targeted ads. So if you don’t want all this stuff, you can simply use PureVPN, so now you can hide your IP, and no one can track your online activities as well.

Now let us discuss a VPN service, which is going to full fill all your needs, that too at affordable costs.

What is PureVPN

What is PureVPN?

PureVPN is a company, which provides you online privacy and data security services, it is based out of Hong Kong. It’s been over a decade since this company is rendering their services. You can get complete online privacy using PureVPN, it’s budget friendly as well, they have got different pricing for all your different needs. PureVPN uses military-grade encryption, so if you want to enjoy true anonymity, then PureVPN is your first choice.

How does it work?

PureVPN has got a single motto, Online Freedom. Before selling the final product to the customers, PureVPN has gone through several tests to ensure that complete online anonymity is given to the end user.

How does purevpn work

PureVPN has been tested with the help of five different DNS tests, and it didn’t even reveal the IP address. All the data is sent through military grade 256bit encryption, so there is no chance of data leaking.

Advantages of PureVPN:-

  • Five multiple logins
  • Split Tunneling
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Affordable Prices
  • Complete protection and Secured internet connectivity
  • Amazing add-on features
  • Wide range of servers
  • Compatible with all the devices

Who is in need of PureVPN?

When we talk about who needs PureVPN, then the answer is simple. All the people who use the Internet, or all the Netizens are in need of VPN to protect themselves from online threats. PureVPN provides you with everything, right from general privacy to torrent downloading and other business services.

If you have ever been a victim of online theft, then you would surely agree with me that the internet is no more a safe place. These days internet is used by everyone, and the heavy cost which you need to pay for being online on the modern web is all your personal data. So instead of losing all your data, you can use PureVPN and surf the web safely without any fear.

Is PureVPN Really Good?

PureVPN is one among those very little companies which offers their customers with self-managed VPN network which is spread over 141 various countries and 550 servers globally. You can use PureVPN not only for online anonymity, but also to secure your privacy at home and office, unblock all the videos, and also to make secure torrent downloads which are impossible these days without torrents.

So now probably you are at this time where you think PureVPN is worth giving a shot, so why don’t you just try it? You can test PureVPN full version for three days just for $2.50. Though this is just a trial version, you are allowed to evaluate connection times, data transfers and security. Complete customer support is being provided to you though it is just a trail version.

Fastest Server on PureVPN

PureVPN comes with an in-built speed test tool using which you can test the speed of the servers. This tool lets the user to connect to the fastest server which is available. You will be getting this tool as well when you purchase PureVPN; it is included in the PureVPN apps.

You just need to use the Location & Purpose feature in this app, and you are pretty much done. Now you can easily connect to the fastest server of PureVPN without any hassle.

PureVPN Pricing

PureVPN comes with three different packages for their customers, let us go in deep and get to know about them.

purevpn plans
  • One month plan offered at $11 per month
  • Six months plan offered at $5 per month
  • 12 months plan offered at $7 per month or one-time payment of $59.88

If you are a user who has limited requirements, then I would suggest you go with the monthly or the six months plan. But if you are looking for complete privacy and online data security, then the 12 months plan suits you the best.


PureVPN feature
  • 550+ servers across seven continents
  • Unlimited server switching’s
  • Unlimited data & bandwidth
  • One account with five multiple logins
  • In-house developed apps
  • The Internet kill switch
  • IP Leak protection
  • 6 Tunneling protocols
  • 24/7 support over chat, email and remote desktop
  • Zero data, activity logs and a lot more.

Is PureVPN Secure?

There are a lot of users who ask, is PureVPN safe and secured? We have personally tested PureVPN services on their different servers and performed a couple of tests. All these tests were conducted to find out the loopholes in the software, but for our surprise we didn’t even find a single loophole.

PureVPN Servers

server list

PureVPN is offering a whopping 550+ high-speed servers which are spread more over 140 countries. These servers are placed in 7 different continents so that the user would have any issues while accessing geo-restricted areas. If you want to see the complete server list, you can find it on their official website.

Customer Support

When we reviewed their support team, we have noticed that they are the best in the industry. PureVPN provides excellent customer support, all their customer executives are trained well to tackle any situation. We can describe the customer support of PureVPN in three words, courteous, technically sound and always available.

Payment Methods

payment method

PureVPN is purchased globally, so they have got various payment options for their customers. We have recently spoken to the marketing team of PureVPN, and we came to a conclusion that they take their customer reviews seriously. Different payment methods which are offered by PureVPN are

• PayPal
• PaymentWall
• BitCoin
• AliPay
• Cashu
• Gift Cards


Compatibility is something which is really important, and when we talk about PureVPN, it is supported over 50 different devices and eight operating systems. There are also dedicated apps for MacOSx, Windows PC, iOs and Android as well. All these apps are available on Google Play & Apple App Store.

The part is that PureVPN also supports Linux OS, so now the customers can install and configure the servers manually with the help of step by step procedure provided on the website or instead they can easily install OpenVPN so that they will get all the servers at one single place.


When you visit PureVPN’s website, over there you will be finding a dedicated section for the tutorials which are basically for the beginners to help them in configuring the devices and troubleshooting the issue. So far, the tutorials which are provided by PureVPN are the best ones.

Al these tutorials are updated on a regular basis, to ensure that you get the latest information even though the software is updated.


Purevpn encription

PureVPN uses five different protocols, they are

  1. PPTP
  2. SSTP
  3. OpenVPN
  4. IKEV2
  5. L2TP

Usually, when you look at other providers, they will be offering a maximum of only 2 to 3 protocols, but over here with PureVPN you get five different protocols. These protocols are useful, for instance, if you want to connect to a business server securely, then you can use the L2TP/IPSec protocol.

Privacy Policy

privacy policy

As I’ve told you at the beginning of this article, PureVPN is an Absolute Logs Policy Provider and more over this is even supported by the Hong Kong government. All the logs of the users are scrapped every 24 hours.
The only information that is required to register is

  • Email Address, and
  • Phone Number (for select few countries)
  • According to the privacy policy this information is only used to
  • Resend login credentials
  • Update subscribers on policies
  • Inform customers about industry developments
  • Inform customers on discounts & special offers

How many devices can you use PureVPN on?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, once you get your subscription you can use PureVPN on five devices simultaneously without any hassle of disconnecting the other one. Now you can also configure PureVPN on the routers and can connect up 20 different devices.

How to install PureVPN on Windows?

Setting up PureVPN on Windows is pretty easy, now let me show you step by step procedure on how to do so

  • Download PureVPN from the official website
  • Fire up the setup file and then click “Next.”
  • Now select “I accept the License Agreement” and then click “Next.”
  • Now you need to choose a folder where you want to install the software, and then click “Next.”
  • Now in the next screen simply click on install
  • Now your installation should be completed, and you need to choose “Launch Pure VPN” and then click “Finish.”
  • Now you just need to insert your username, password, and login.

So this is how you install PureVPN on Windows, the process is pretty simple and should not take more of your time.
PureVPN Cracks and stuff you should not look at

The cracks for PureVPN are available all over the Internet; there are a lot of torrent sites, which are offering the cracks of this software. BUT BE CAUTIOUS!

The cracks which are offered is not the official software, so all these cracks are completely infected with malware which will be stealing all the information on your devices. Never pay money for cracks of PureVPN, we provide you premium services because your privacy is our concern and we take care of it completely.


The Pros

  • PureVPN offers quality VPN features as discussed above and authentic customer service.
  • The customer support is efficient, the representatives are knowledgeable and response is quick.
  • Superior desktop and mobile performance
  • Regular promotions and updates for customers
  • Wide range of options across budgets
  • Strong Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Multiple Protocols, added protection

The Cons

  • When It comes to anonymity, there are a few things that you may not like. They keep the customer details and logs for marketing purposes irrespective of your choice. This can be an unattractive proposition for privacy loving individuals and businesses.
  • The discounts offered on Unlimited ans Standard plans can be confusing as discounts on the former are less than those on the latter.

All in all, PureVPN provides robust anonymous frameworks for you to surf the web without being tracked. Access the content that you have always wanted, surf anywhere without restrictions and remain anonymous. With advanced scrambling tech and a lot more to add on, PureVPN is an ideal choice for online privacy lovers.

However, even after installing VPN there is no 100% guarantee that you cannot be tracked. If you are up to something fishy and it involves online activity, VPNs can be authorized to back track your location and other personal details. Therefore, use the VPN freely but be ethical online. This means that accessing content and media that’s free information an legal to purchase!

So this was everything about PureVPN and we have tried and included each and everything, definitely, without any doubt, this is one of the best VPN service providers out there. You have seen all the features and benefits of PureVPN, now it’s your turn to make a purchase and get the most out of PureVPN.

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